Why I love Line Of Duty.

Hands up in you love a good police drama?

I vaguely remember watching Series Three of Line Of Duty; if I’m totally honest, I can’t recall all the specifics, but I do know that I just didn’t’t understand the plot line, due to my age. But series four changed that for me; I love Line Of Duty. And I’ve been back and watched (nearly) all of the episodes from Series One. As this is a lifestyle blog, I thought I’d post some reasons why as to why I love this series.

Firstly, there isn’t many series’ designed for people my age that are accurate or absorbing. (I’m eighteen, and a lot of what the entertainment industry produces I find to be for people far younger than me.) When I wish to watch the television, I love to be transported, by way of escape; I wish not to be patronised. Line Of Duty is gritty by contrast; it has the substance that these programmes don’t. (I don’t want to engage in something so sugary sweet; give me the realism!) As a show, it also has some accuracy, in that retired policemen are advisors to the production, therefore enabling what I just stated.

I also love the characterisation. Rather than airbrushing reality, these characters are human; they have affairs, commit crimes to gather their own form of justice, scream and shout, go to the pub for after work drinks, etc. I love characters who I can identify with, even look up to; the character of Kate Fleming I think is really cool. In what’s seen as a ‘Man’s world’, she holds her own, and isn’t above ‘outing’ anything she sees as not being to the standard of the law. (For example, she even tells an officer off for his suspect sexual misconduct.) These characters have their personal lives, but are heavily committed to their jobs.

Each and every series is also linked; there’s clues in each final episode, relating to what will be covered in the next series. In the ‘intermission’ of the next series being filmed, this of course allows for speculation.

I also think that Jed Mercurio, who essentially writes and created this series, is a brilliant writer; there are so many twists in this series. (And largely unexpected!) I would love to write like him. These twists can become dark, which I also like, as there aren’t any cut corners. At last!

I also think that Superintendent Hastings has some of the best one liners; Buzzfeed even has a whole article dedicated to this, which you can view by clicking here. Although he is a fundamentally flawed human being, he’s such a cool character, complete with these deadpan one-liners. Because we need some humour in a quite bleak drama, right? He seems to have his own fandom online as well. (The internet can be a very odd place at times.)

The villains are also very realistic. Rather than being written as a stereotypical ‘there’s-a-monster-under-my-bed’ character, they are incredibly devious, highly sophisticated. Lindsay Denton is quite calculating as one of the villains; but you don’t know who the villains are, right up until the end.

I also really like Steve Arnott’s cockiness; deemed to be a ‘tosser’ by Martin Compton who plays him, a lot of the storylines do resolve around him. I also really liked the explanation as to why he is virtually always wearing a waistcoat. (Google it!)

There’s also the catch phrase, that Officer X, Y or Z “has the right to be interviewed by an officer at least one rank senior”. No idea, but that thrills me.



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