Urban fruit review; here’s a snack for you! *

Disclaimer: I was sent these, at my own request, to review. What follows is my honest opinion. 

Good morning.-

We all like food, don’t we? Well, I have been looking for a snack, for in between studying and essays, blogging and writing. It needs to be low in sugar, and just enough to keep my hunger at bay.

Urban Fruit is essentially a brand that bakes fruit, in order to create a snack. They have a bright, colourful USP, which I think is almost unique-it sets Urban Fruit in its own marketable sector. It adds a legitimacy. Anyway, I received these flavours:

  • Strawberry.
  • Mango.
  • Pineapple.
  • Coconut.
  • Coconut with Chilli.

I also liked how I had a personalised note from Urban Fruit, with the words “you drive me Coconuts”. I love a brand with irreverence-it’s unique. And a personalised note to a Blogger will virtually always win you Brownie points. (Brands, take note!) Anyway…

Now, as I have said before, I don’t do well with trying new flavours or foods-it’s just not a thing for me, or something that I enjoy. However, I did like the Strawberry flavour-it was succulent, and kept me satisfied for a while. (Because I LOVE strawberry, it’s one of my favourite flavours.) For me, it was the stand out flavour of them all. I did try the Mango, but it wasn’t something that was for me, as it’s not a flavour I usually enjoy. I prefer the smell in body sprays. (A relative had the coconut flavours, as I could not eat or keep the whole of this box to myself.) I also gave the Pineapple flavour to my friend, as I dislike Pineapple-flavoured food.

Overall, I was very impressed with Urban fruit; I feel it could expand its range however, to include Banana, Kiwi, etc. This is not just something that is for a kids lunchbox-I feel that it is a legitimate snack.

Score: 10/15

Click here to buy Urban Fruit from their website-trust me, you won’t regret it. 

10 thoughts on “Urban fruit review; here’s a snack for you! *

  1. Ruminvte says:

    I love Urban Fruit so I’m glad to see your first experience was positive, the strawberry is my favourite too! It’s also nice to see that they’re so friendly and open to working with bloggers. Thanks for sharing! x


  2. Thoroughly Modern Emily says:

    This sounds like a lovely snack! I think I’d like all of these flavors, but like you, strawberry is one of my favorites ever! I really need to get better about making healthy snack choices.

    (This coming from someone who ate an ENTIRE bag of Trader Joe’s chili lime dried mango last weekend…)



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