13 things I love about having Aspergers Sydrome.

For a while now, I’ve felt sick and tired. Why? Because various people made me feel ashamed to be on the autism spectrum, when really, it has a lot of benefits. And, all the people I’ve met with ASD are pretty cool. I had to make a list as to why I love being on Spectrum.

  1. We are original in our way of thinking. Though we may have trouble conforming with our peers, that allows us to be unique.
  2. The people I have met who are on spectrum also largely have a very dry sense of humour; be it literal, dark, they have an ability to laugh at Life.
  3. The obsessional interest trait allows us to hone in on something particular, meaning that we can specialise, almost, in this subject.
  4. The above point according to some has an impact on potential careers.
  5. And back to my originality point: this also goes with the impact on future careers.
  6. I still think that the special interest trait gives some of us incredible abilities, seeing that some of us do incredible things.
  7. We have great people to look up to who are on spectrum; because, for one, they are like us, and it isn’t necessarily admiration for an artistic venture. Even just those who are suspected of being on spectrum!
  8. A fair few people I know who have ASD are great at the classic one liners.
  9. Friendships can take on a much deeper meaning.
  10. Not a lot is known about Aspergers Sydndrome, but we know more about it than we did a few years ago. To me, there’s just something comforting in that.
  11. To a certain extent, there is some help available in my country.
  12. I’m messy as a person: if you saw my living space, you’d probably be really shocked. But I’m good with organisation-because I need to be, otherwise I can become agitated. I manage this blog, a column, being a student, submission of articles occasionally, and more.
  13. People who are on the spectrum, I think, have a different way of interpreting how to be empathetic. And it can be something far more meaningful!

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