18 Things learnt in eighteen years.

Life should be so simple at times, right? Wrong! There are a lot of lessons to be learnt-and to be honest, I’m still learning a lot daily. So, here is something I wanted to share with you-and it’s my version of a top eighteen on my list.

  1. Help will come to you, if you ask for it. It’s like that old saying, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. I spent a lot of time not getting, simply because A: I didn’t understand how to, and B: people scare me at the best of times. Nowadays, I think that this has completely switched-besides, you read my product reviews, don’t you? I also couldn’t claim to be a Columnist otherwise.
  2. Organisation is a bonus. Everyone will have deadlines, appointments, and some things to do at one point. 
  3. Caster sugar goes with royal icing, not flour. Exactly.
  4. Call people out if they’re rude. Rudeness is not really acceptable, to be honest-and I got very bored with it at several different educational instutions. So I called them out on it-because, why do it?
  5. Kindness is a virtue. Kindness is a great trait, and it shows in everything that you do. It also leaves us with that warm, fuzzy feeling.
  6. Tolerance is the best trait. Going with kindness, of course.
  7. Stick to your ideas. Ideas are a very fundamental thing-and whole societies, books, opinions, etc are built on them. Even if it sounds really silly at first, stick to them-don’t let anyone talk you down about them. They are your very own.
  8. Aspergers is not a limitation, and neither is what life throws at you. On a personal note here: once I was diagnosed with ASD-not really a surprise, to be honest-I got very tired,  very quickly, with people saying that I could not do something, due to ASD. How silly! Life is not a limitation, and neither is a disability-we can overcome. Life has beauty. Live it to the fullest.
  9. Popularity is not everything. Whilst in education, I would often go head-to-head with people who believed that because they were popular, they had the right to dominate everything. It also ostensibly gave them the right to be mean. (Ha ha!) Popularity is not everything.
  10. Family is what count. Need I say any more?
  11. You can do anything you put your mind to. You just need to dream it.
  12. Gender is not what should prevent you from doing anything. To the day I die, I will proclaim myself to be a proud feminist. Because we’re all human-and I can do anything a boy can do!
  13. Tease, now and then. Because this allows you to laugh at Life. With a capital L.
  14. Be bold. Dare to triumph, wherever you go. Because there’s (nearly) always a next time, and you can try and try again.
  15. Colour is everything. You’ll be bold that way.
  16. Never put a cake in a fridge. Apparently it is not good for icing.
  17. If there is something you perceive to be wrong, you should speak about it. And that way, we can get rid of injustices.
  18. Believe yourself. You are capable of more than you know. 

What have you learnt?




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