On My Way To The NCTJ.

For a long time now, I’ve known that I would love to be a Journalist. It was to do with words-just a simple love of words-was what started it off; wanting, even having to write. The interest in ‘Current Affairs’ came later, with my love of history-cold war, world war two, rock.
The NTCJ (National Training For The Council Of Journalists) was something that I had been aware of for a while-as far back as writing under a Pen Name for Jump For Journalism. It sounded ideal-the literal training to be a Journalist! (It’s a private diploma that’s recognised by the industry.) Writing meanwhile had further cemented my ambition-such as for Sussex Living, The Mid Sussex Times, and more. And I love interviewing people.
It was last year that I went to a taster day in Brighton. This was essentially a taster of the course-introduced by two very formidable Journalist’s themselves. (They had broken several stories-the famine that Live Aid raised money for, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.) We wrote a lot, were told more about the diploma, and even took part in a roll play press conference. It felt like I had finally found my place. This was what I wanted to do.
So, what happens next? You sit your aptitude test!
Now, I won’t write about this in detail, because it could be classed as cheating. (Now, why would I want to help that?) This was essentially a set of tasks to see if I would be suitable for the course. I also chatted to a learning support coordinator. (Because having Asperger’s Syndrome needs to be declared, to have help.)
All far, so good.

Part two coming soon.



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