Pura Cosmetics Review*; beauty on a budget & ethical standards? Yes please! 

Disclaimer: these samples were sent to me by Pura Cosmetics, at my own request. What follows is my honest opinion. 

Greetings my lovely readers,

Now, what would you say to a brand that has ethical morals, is cute and dinky yet sophisticated, and is deliberately designed to be cheap, so young teen females could afford it with their pocket money? Sounds pretty good to me. I was really excited to receive this PR sample, as it ‘spoke to me’ as a female and blogger.

The product itself:

Now these are beautiful, aren’t they? I received two lip balms-Blissful Bubblegum and Pina Colada-as well as two lip scrubs, Mojito Madness and Prosecco Bubbles (with a hint of strawberry.) I love how dinky these are-instantly cutesy-but a little bit ‘adult’ with their alcohol influence. The balms I really liked for how they made my lips feel; soft and glossy. There was also a lot that could be used, when you just need a small amount. I hadn’t tried a lip scrub prior to this, but I particularly loved Prosecco Bubbles; it instantly made me feel better, brighter. There’s also a lot to use.


Unlike a lot of brands, there’s the brand name on the lids, as well as the flavour, logo and slogan. Instantly recognisable! But there’s also instructions on the side, which was really useful to me-as you could see from my Spongedry review, I do have a bit of a track record for throwing instructions away. The products also coordinate with the brand colour. And what’s not to love about that?


When I received this package, I was so excited, because I knew what was inside, as the sender had left an address. However, the box was rather tied up-in that it was seemingly stuck. It was quite painful to open. However, I loved that there was also pink tissue paper in the box, as well as a business card, flyer, and a personal note. Any brand that takes the time to write a personal note is always going to be in my good books!


I still think that the way these samples arrived left a lot to be desired; they were well protected, but packaging should not have to be something a consumer struggles with. The lip scrubs were also very full that when opened, it did expel itself just a little bit. The week that I started to use these, it was also incredibly hot; the lip balms did melt a little bit, and did leak a little bit in my bag, due to my own stupidity. Always screw the lid on tightly!

What do you think? Do you like budget buys? Click here to visit Pura Cosmetics’ website. Don’t forget to also use my blog code LYDIA10 for ten percent off.

12 thoughts on “Pura Cosmetics Review*; beauty on a budget & ethical standards? Yes please! 

  1. The Monday Project says:

    These sound amazing, the packaging is super cute and I love the sounding of the flavours – anything mojito is cool with me haha! Great review xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project | themondayproject.co.uk


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