Review: The Summer Of Impossible Things*

Disclaimer: On the announcement of release, I requested the proof of this book to review. What follows is my honest opinion, having been a fan of Rowan Coleman for a while now. 
Excuse my language, but what a bloody brilliant book this is! (You can also have some tripled alliteration along with that.) Having arrived in the post, I was surprised at the bulk-more that three hundred pages, and presumably longer than any other volumes written prior. Eagerly, I got stuck in. (A long car journey warrants this. At twelve hours, I needed a long book!)
Firstly, I was a little bit bewildered at the ‘voice’ of Luna, the protagonist of the book. She, at thirty, seems a little bit childish, almost idealistic, in repeating the same mistakes, over and over again. (Apart from that, she’s really cool in that she works in a male-dominated environment, dressing to reflect this.) But with the revelation that she can travel through time, Luna begins to change-meaning I developed more empathy towards her. (The mother of the story has died, but her two daughters have to uncover the secret she leaves behind in Brooklyn. )
Trust me, this is a very tense book, as well as highly emotional. In the end though, I loved the twist. And I promise that I won’t spoil it for you.
However, at times I did feel that this book is too weighty-in that the depth of description often goes against the plotline. It can take a little while to get going, fully immersed into the story. (It could do with maybe cutting some of this?) But once I did, I was completely captivated by this book. Immersed fully. And I was disappointed once it ended. It’ll be a firm favorite on my bookshelves from now on.
It’s released today, and I encourage you all to buy it.
Rate: 14/15
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