Personalised Toad Diaries: Review. 

For a little while now, I’ve been looking for a new planner; the A5 organised I bought from Paperchase was just way too big and cumbersome. The bullet journal (a notebook also from Paperchase) became too messy for me to bare. Toad Diaries have been round on the blogosphere for a while now; so I ordered one, and it arrived in the mail.

The product itself:

What I really liked about Toad Diaries is that it’s very customisable, but to only a certain extent.   Personalisation had gotten in the way of my other planners, so it was good to just take a step back. You can choose the size, what the diary is for, colour, whether or not it’s spiral bound, pattern, layout, and back and front. The second line just sums me up-yes, I am a blogger, a columnist, a freelancer. ‘Aspie’ means Aspergers Sydrome.

You can also choose what you’d like on the back. I had to choose an Anastacia lyric; one of my main faults is that I can be too negative, prone to listening to people who wish to knock me back. As a planner, I really like this diary for the clean, neat layout. It makes me feel better about myself by looking at it.. It also has a contact page, personal information, notable dates, current and next year planners, and a notes section… For all of these added extras, it’s considerablely cheap, yet it has high quality. The paper is also thick enough that not much ink goes through.


I was also really satisfied with the brand, because it took the environment (indirectly) it to consideration. Although not deliberate, as I couldn’t find a disclaimer on their website, they limited their packaging. There wasn’t a lot of padding, there wasn’t much tape…all fine by me. As a writer, I do feel guilty at times, in that I’m aware of how much paper I’m using at any given time. It arrived without any scratches, dents, etc.


With any brand that I post about, I do try to give feedback; in doing so makes a business better, right? I did feel at times that the pages were a little bit too big; their edges would scrunch under the spiral, making a horrible crinkling sound. One page was also just slightly bigger than the cover, which, yes, I am being pedantic, but it was just a very minor irritation. Also: other reviews stated there was a make-your-own-Toad with their diary; I’d have loved that to have been included!

But, as a business suggestion: Toad Diaries could make a blog planner, with space for academia and social things.

I was pleased that I chose to invest in this planner; there’s going to be a lot of changes in the next year or so, but I feel like I can conquer them now. There’s even enough room for social media RT accounts as well as my relaunch plan.  I’d also love to feature a giveaway with this really cool brand.

Would you like to see more? Because here are some pretty cool reviews from other Bloggers.

what do you think? Would you invest with Toad Diaries?  Click here to buy a diary.



15 thoughts on “Personalised Toad Diaries: Review. 

  1. Thoroughly Modern Emily says:

    Oooh, this is quite a useful bit of information! I didn’t know what kind of planner you were using now.

    And I’m with you — I can’t stand when the inside edge of pages get crumpled up inside the spiral. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time sticking pens through the spirals to flatten them out!



  2. rebekahgillian says:

    I have such a THING for stationary, and recently, journals have become one of my favourite things to obsess over. I just LOVE this one! I love the amount of room there is between each day, giving you enough room to write a good amount without it taking up too many pages, but at the same time, meaning you don’t have to get other pieces of paper involved to record what you need to do (as I’ve had to do with my current journal).
    I begrudge buying journals in the middle of the year because I probably already have one, and half the journal is useless to me, but this is definitely something I’m going to add to my wishlist for Christmas! This would be perfect for next year. Thanks for enlightening me; I’d never heard of this product before!


    • Daisy Bumbleroot says:

      Perhaps worth mentioning that the TOAD in their name stands for “Today Or Any Day” (they’re not very good at spelling out that bit!) – they can literally start the journal ON ANY DAY – so next Monday or two weeks from now, or a month etc. etc. So you don’t have to wait until Christmas! {:) Thought I should give you a heads up since I have the same pet peave about wasting pages in a diary so at least you’d only be wasting in your existing one, not a new TOAD one as well?! You can also choose how many months you want it to run for, if it’s week or day or fortnight to view… They’re pretty epic AND they’ve got a flash sale on lined notebooks at the mo (see their Twitter for the link), if you just want to see what they’re like. Wow, I sound like I work for them :O Honestly don’t. LOL, just sharing the journal love. 😀


  3. Charlotte says:

    Ooh this is cool! I love that you can customise the style of diary, I’m not a big fan of spiral bound ones myself so like the option of having it or not. Love how detailed you were in your review, really helps people make an informed decision when they’re shopping around for a new diary/planner!

    Charlotte xx


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