My planner Wishlist…

I am very excited to be getting a new planner: you’ll be able too see my reasons as for the switch soon, as I’ll be posting about it soon. (Long story short, I needed an upgrade, as everything was becoming too crammed into my personal sized planner.) I love to have everything laid out visually on paper, as I otherwise can become very muddled. But this is my Wishlist of what I would like to decorate the new Planner with!

Washi tape:

Washi tape allows me to decorate the pages of the diary, and because it has very pretty pictures, I can ‘theme’ each week. To decorate is something that I find to be really calming. And when I come back to whatever page, it makes me smile. Paperchase have owl washi tape-click here to view-as well as Blue gingham tape-click here also to view. I usually choose patterns that are typically quite dark, so I wished to go for something brighter this time. Hobbycraft have gold washi tape (click here). Plus Paperchase have mint pink! (Click here also.) As you can see, I was almost stupidly excited.



Look at the Washi tape and stickers!


So, yes, I am upgrading a size, because I have so much to juggle now. It needs stickers, surely? These Paperchase stickers are able to point to to specifically important post; by contrast, I just like these stickers because they are rose gold. And there’s also these stickers, which are just too pretty to not include.


Even back on this old set up, there’s a lot of stickers!

And to keep track of appointments?

There are these lovely looking sticky notes from Paperchase. (Click here to view.) I tend to add in a lot at the last minute-even to just scribble a note on a post it-which would makes these a great addition. I also love that they can book mark certain pages-just what I need!

Other paper things:

Whilst browsing the net, one tip I read was that, in order to create a new pocket, just simply hole punch an envelope, and put it in your planner. Genius! I came across this lovely looking envelope (click here to view). And in case I run out of writing paper? These yellow refills look lovely.

The planner I have my eye on has tabs for an undated diary (I’m not sure about this format, bare in mind), a meal planner, shopping list, budgeting, and notes. Although some of these I may switch round-maybe with new dividers, such as Blog, Writing, etc-I’m keen to be changing my planner.

Let’s see how this goes,

Untitled design



I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get an extra free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.







7 thoughts on “My planner Wishlist…

  1. Casey says:

    I LOVED this post! I love having an organised, pretty planner. I think it is really motivating for me to get stuff done when it is documented nicely and I enjoy decorating it. I hope your planner making goes well! Love Casey xo


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