“Why do you blog?”

* Let’s call these ‘questioning’ posts FAQ’S, just for the sake of argument-and if you have a question, you could always ask me in the comments. Anyway… *

I started blogging way back in 2012, having kept a magazine cutting from Shout! that had inspired me. Needless to say, I was a lonely pre-teen, and as a teenager. Blogging seemed really glamorous-an almost secret world that I badly wanted to be part of.

For the first two and a half years, it was something that I messed around with, seeing it merely as a hobby, a past time. (And my blog name was based on my Bluetooth name- Musiclover25. Urggghhh!) I added excessive amounts of pages, wrote little, posted not enough.

That changed as I grew older.

I had known that I had wanted to be a writer for a long time now-because words were and are all that I’m good at. I just wasn’t sure how-would I write books, poetry? I stopped messing round, deleted the pages, and started posting regularly. I began to write about fashion. (Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Gem Fatale was still in its prime then; the life of a fashion blogger looked ideal! I even had a new blog name to boot-Noted In Style. (I loved Company Magazine, and the editor had a very similar Twitter handle.) I wanted to join these really cool women! (I even got to go to Company HQ.)

But I’m not fashionable. And was mocked for it by some classmates-who really wants to read about what I had to type about clothes?!

But then I discovered Sylvia Plath, and how she had interned at Mademoiselle Magazine. Researching the magazine seemed to suggest a magazine I would have loved-a magazine for women, literary and about fashion. They got to interview the famous people of the day, go to fashion shows, and more! (I wanted to have badly been at Mademoiselle.) Finding an ELLE Columnist cemented that. I would brand this blog as ‘Mademoiselle’. (Women to get the URL.)

I blog daily now, largely because I wanted to challenge myself. I also love to write. But I also wish to be a Journalist, and I wanted to create a platform for me and other bloggers.

Do you have any other questions? Ask me in the comments, and I may answer them-

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  1. Mademoiselle says:

    Biggest challenge is scheduling! I have maybe 60 posts lined up at any time…but the thing is, there’s always a gap, which needs to be filled at the last minute. (And it has to be juggled with revision, being a student, and moving on..) Motivation is to find an audience, as although I love writing, this site doesn’t really have a USP. Hopefully that’ll change soon! Thanks for commenting x


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