On the benefit of curiosity.

Curiosity, curiosity! Oh, how I love you dearly.

We associate the trait of curiosity of being synonymous with noisy, and therefore completely not needed, meaning that it is perceived as being rude. (Yes, oh yes!) And we are all familiar with the phrase, “curiosity killed the cat”, aren’t we? But curiosity-and just being curious-has benefits.

Being curious has benefits, really it does-and it is not necessarily rude, or designed by default to make people feel bad. Curiosity keeps people in power to account-such as if you’re a Journalist-as a form of checks and balances. (Because we all dislike corruption, don’t we?) Nobody would go looking for scandal-well, what leads to a scandal-otherwise, without feeling that there is something there, or something to question. It keeps a democracy in check. (A good benefit, no?)

Curiosity also allows people to expand their knowledge, and to better their minds. (Matt Haig often tweets about this-and how once we put down our books, to travel to other worlds, this is a travesty.) Because who wouldn’t love to do this? (I love to read, and find out about my heroes-it’s as if I’m sitting with people in history, those who I have never met.) I fully agree with this viewpoint-and I see it as a benefit daily.

Curiosity leads us to new places, new people, and more. (Well, why else would we go on holiday, read new blog posts, buy a book, go shopping, talk to our friends, enter into education, etc?) It is what makes us human, really. We are not all trapped, alone. There is always somebody here for you, regardless.

One final benefit: it makes us friends. And that truly is a benefit.

Thank you for listening.

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