“Why feminism?”; let’s answer an F.A.Q.

Good morning.-

It’s a question I get asked a lot, and what will probably divide some readers. “Why are you a feminist?” or even “What made you a feminist?” It’s a personal belief at first, and is something I wanted to share with you..

Feminism is something that is entirely subjective, and there are many different versions, depending on who you ask. ‘My’ version is that it’s the practice of men and women being equal, because we have different assets that make us ideal to compliment each other. For example, a women’s biology is different to that of a man, but each has its strengths. Can’t we utilise this?

I guess it came from just wanting to be kind to each other. (If that makes sense?) To me, some issues seem really petty, but if we worked together, we could resolve many things.

And then there were the political issues; the gender pay gap (still alive and kicking!), Women in Parliament, the tampon tax, reproductive rights. And then the more social issues; wanting a career, women in business, etc.

We all have our opinions, right?

I sometimes feel that my gender is questioned, rather than my merit. It scares people, I think, that women have just a valid a view point as any other gender. But to me, feminism is about choice; if you want to stay at home and raise your kids, that’s fine by me. If you want a career, that’s cool. If you don’t want kids, that’s up to you. If you wish to vote and study to get a degree, good on you. And it’s about equality, and working with men, not against them; we could be a good team! We have a voice, and we can contribute socially also.

What made me a feminist? I guess it was that, growing up, there wasn’t really a curtail on my aspirations; if I could dream it, I could do it. (No one told me otherwise, largely. And if they said I could just be a housewife, or that I can’t do a certain task because of my gender, I usually just do it anyway these days.) And then I got introduced to people like Helen Gurley Brown, the Suffragettes, Caitlin Moran, Simone De Beauviour. These are all really cool women! And I wanted BADLY to be like them.

We’re all human, and I would like to see this embraced, in just being kind to each other.

What is feminism to you?

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