Struggling with Asperger's Syndrome.

For all of my posts about Asperger’s Syndrome, I haven’t really posted about what I struggle with, as a direct result of the condition. Because being positive matters, right? (Please don’t tell me otherwise.) But I wanted to post more than just a superficial impression, and what it is I struggle with most.
People. People! What more is there to say to that, really? ‘People’ is an interesting subject to me-and it’s why I write my column-but for me, it’s something I really do struggle with. I cannot tell how nuanced your emotions are, but what plays out on your face-they are blank to me. I also may not understand what you’re trying to tell me at times. And could you maybe not try and force eye contact with me? It’s really not something I’m great at, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I also am not really a fan of ‘touching’-but I will come and ask for a hug if needed. I also don’t just want to talk about hair, boys, or make up. That’s not what I’m interested in. I would rather talk about Cold War history, politics, whatever person it is that I’m interviewing, etc.
This is a funny one, considering I love music, review concerts for my blog and column, and adore Rock. But noise I don’t have control over has a detrimental affect-such as cutlery banging, polystyrene squeaking, metal scrapping, chairs falling, doors slamming suddenly, etc. Don’t call me out, saying that “it’s not noisy in here”. Because to me it is. And it has an affect-I can’t think, my thoughts when travelling to my mouth get jumbled, and it sometimes affects my balance. (Too much overstimulation over a long period of time means I find simple tasks hard, even just gripping things.)
I’m lucky to have had help, but a classroom is an environment I find really difficult. If information is relayed too quickly by a teacher, I may miss some things. I can also misinterpret what they may say. And at younger institutions-such as Primary school-there was always so much talking. I can’t always pay attention to both.
Here’s something for you; I may be the most organised person in the room, when it comes to managing deadlines and other projects. But I’m really messy. And I find managing time a chore. Balancing this blog with my want to study has been a problem at times. And my bedroom always looks as if a bomb has hit it. But I’ll probably make whatever homework deadline there is.

Thank you for listening,

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  1. June 3, 2017 / 1:43 am

    A daily struggle that people never see….a very important piece x

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