1 item, 3 ways*

Disclaimer: this post features samplesI was gifted, as my own request, from Jewellery Box. What follows is my honest opinion. 
Good morning.-
*Wipes brow* its rather hot today, isn’t it? But happy bank holiday weekend to you all 😁 I’d also like to just say that Pura Cosmetics are giving away a free gift with every order; by going to my discount page, you can also get ten percent off…

Now, I love Roman; this shop, to me, seems to be bringing back style over what may be ‘on trend’. (Ugghh, I dislike that word!) But it has well cut skirts, boxy dresses, etc. For this post, I wanted to attempt a ‘1 item, 3 ways’, mixed in with some PR samples from Jewellery Box. (I had posted about my Blogger Mail a little while ago, which you can read here.)I had planned it to be a dress I had-but it shrunk-so here’s my Roman skirt. I adore lace! (Click here to buy it.)  
Taking photos yesterday was really difficult; as you could see over on Instagram, I had difficulty, largely due to heat, and deciding where to take the photo. (Including in a tree!) So, here is my ‘1 item, 3 ways’.
#1 The political guru look.

I think it’s fair to say that there is a lot more activism now, politically, maybe  then there ever has been before. I was inspired by the woman’s March in January, and I still feel gutted that I didn’t go. For this look, I used my ‘much loved’ 50:50 Parliament shirt; I loved how this campaign wants equal females to men in Parliament. You can buy it from their etsy shop by clicking here. The waistcoat is from New Look, as are the shoes; heels I feel give me a little bit more authority, as well as the waistcoat. There’s something commanding almost about them. (I don’t think they sell the waistcoat any more, so here is an alternative. The same for the shoes; but I liked these by contrast.)Whilst I study US politics, as part of my second year of A levels, part of the unit looked at how faith can influence legislation; therefore, I added this pendant from Jewellery Box to this look. (I’m not sure if it’s the same as the one I had, but there’s a lot on offer over at the website!)
I also felt really silly taking this photo…call it ‘an outtake’.

#2 The Student Look.

Yesterday was my final day at college, so I thought that there had to be a ‘final salute’ in this post. I feel that students can get a bad rap at times, therefore I tried to make this look just a little bit more formal. This Shirt is so old I can’t remember where it was from; just that I got it as a Christmas gift. The loafers are from Aldo, which you can purchase by clicking here. They are so comfy! I included more jewellery as people at my college would often come in really ‘decorated’; in this way, this is a homage to them. The bracelet you can buy here, but there are also a selection of charms which you can buy here. There’s a selection of rings, which you buy here. And the necklace is still the same, which you can buy here.
#3 The ‘Night Out’ look.

You won’t find me at a club, or a party; there’s far too many people for me to properly enjoy myself. I’m sorry if this sounds insensitive in the wake of the Manchester attack, but I love to go to concerts; just the raw vibe, seeing the artist live, all the fans singing. We have to keep going, you know? This is my ‘night out’ look; a formal skirt, but with a jacket for the cooler evenings. (Maybe you could say it has a ‘rock’ edge,or is that too cringey?) Anastacia has a similar jacket for her Ultimate Collection tour. You can find the jacket from Bersksha by clicking here, but select the colour you like. Again there’s a variety of rings if you click here; maybe you could stack them, just to garner a bit of an edge?  And some alternative heels? Click here. I wish I could walk in these!
See you tomorrow, 

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