50 Things That I’m Excited For. 

Here’s another one for the fifty things series….here’s what I’m excited for!


  1. Anastacia will be performing at the Brighton Centre in June. Her concerts are really good-as well as cool-and I love to just have a good singalong to old hits I used to listen to.
  2. Soon to be starting my NTCJ course.
  3. Leaving college. Whilst it has been a bittersweet experience, and I’ll miss some elements of the instution, I want to begin my journalism career, and start to write, be trained, interview people, etc.
  4. I have an interview coming later this year…I can’t wait for you all to read it!
  5. Alfie Boe and Michael Ball will also be playing Brighton in December.
  6. Further blogger collaborations to come.
  7. The end of Pretty Little Liars-just WHO is this mysterious A.D, what do they want, and why?!
  8. Kingsman two is coming out later this year. Because who wouldn’t want to see a sly film with moments of comedy, complete with a now resurrected Colin Firth?!
  9. Constructing a guest posting fortnight.
  10. How To Stop Time By Matt Haig is coming out-as a fictional novel, it looks awesome, and I can’t wait to read it.
  11. The release of The Summer Of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman. It made me cry!
  12. An interview with Rowan Coleman coming in June.
  13. Trying to monetise my blog.
  14. Still filing my column!
  15. Lissie will hopefully be playing a few U.K. shows, later this year, and maybe with some new music, although don’t quote me on that.
  16. Brain May and Kerry Ellis may be touring also.
  17. Christina Aguleria also may be releasing a new album.
  18. Pilates!!
  19. People’s birthdays-I love to create funny gifts to give to them, complete with my verses, in order to make them smile.
  20. Starting to get more involved in Blog chats.
  21. The publication of Sylvia Plath’s letters-in a fuller volume. More blog content to come soon!
  22. Queen Extravaganza have been teasing a new projects that’s ostensibly underway on their social media…
  23. And who wouldn’t be excited for them maybe touring!?
  24. New monopoly boards.
  25. A mental health magazine that is being set up by Nicole at A Beautiful Caos.
  26. The new pandora collection.
  27. The Hilary Clinton biopic. I would love for this to be released in the UK-and just because she’s one of my heroes.
  28. Finishing my exams.
  29. Finishing education overall.
  30. Not being judged by people my own age for my clothing choices.
  31. The end of PLL. Oh wait, I already mentioned that…
  32. A new John Grisham thriller.
  33. Even more Blogger collaborations!
  34. Working with a new US-based PR agency.
  35. Dawn O’Porter’s new book.
  36. Jodi Picoult may be releasing a new book?
  37. A new novel that I can’t say too much about…
  38. Ann Shoket and her book. Let’s hope it comes to the UK!
  39. The Little Mermaid-the live action remake.
  40. Blogosphere magazine and their new ventures.
  41. Utilising an iPHONE for this blog.
  42. Utilising a MacBook for this blog.
  43. JFK 100.
  44. Shopping for new clothes! Gotta get kitted out to look like a Journalist…
  45. Ed Sheeran is touring.
  46. Phil Collins is also touring.
  47. Pitch Perfect Four is rumoured to be in production?
  48. Living up to the expectation of the 365 day challenge.
  49. Finishing the 365 day challenge.
  50. Blog chats!

What are you excited for?




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