Just Bee Drinks: let’s save the bees!*


Good morning.-

Wherever you are, I hope that it’s sunny at last. Today I’ll be reviewing Just Bee drinks that were sent to me as a PR sample. (This was at my own request, but what follows is my honest opinion.)

I love to receive Blogger Mail, and this product was no exception. Basically, it’s water, with an added drop of honey. To somebody who has Hayfever, this sounded like something that was ideal-and plus, they had the unique selling point of saving bees, and that it’s seemingly a family based business. What’s not to love?

The box was weighty, with three different flavour drinks:

  • Apple and Ginger
  • Blueberry
  • Lemon and Green Tea


Let’s get to the review!


This was a brand that I really like for its packaging-Just Bee were really quite savvy. Everything was packed in tightly, there was no space left not used, meaning that it was used to the best of its ability. (No waste here) The packaging was additionally sturdy-unlike other products that have come through the post, there was no rips, dents, etc. (As you can imagine, I was VERY excited by this point!)


Again, all is well on the branding-I love that the story of Bees in the family, and a plan to help save them, is everywhere. (Some wildflower seeds were also included-I’ll be planting them soon!) The colour scheme is also appealing to the eye-subtle, and without the ‘blare’ of the brands. Lovely!

The Product Itself:

Now, I will admit, at first the flavours were not something I were looking forward to-after all, I’m not ‘big’ on trying new things, and they were outside of my comfort zone. I took the Apple and Ginger at first, and was pleasantly surprised. (I had thought it was going to be akin to a juice-complete with ‘bits’ floating around, and a variation of flavour.) It tasted nice, and kept me going through a rather long revision staple. I haven’t yet tried Blueberry or Lemon & Green Tea yet, as I’m saving them for another day. (A sort of treat!) But if you’d like a drink that has good intentions to save bees, and that taste’s nice, then you should go for this. I also think that it should be a staple to any lunchbox.

I rate this product to be 14/15.

What do you think? Would you try this?



Click here to visit their website, and maybe buy a drink or two.

10 thoughts on “Just Bee Drinks: let’s save the bees!*

  1. Beccy Kiernan says:

    I’ve never heard of this. I need to find something to drink as I drink far too much fizzy pop but struggle with plain water. I don’t really drink tea or coffee either 😦


    Beccy | beccykiernan.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

  2. anindependentmaven says:

    I love how ethical this company sounds! Savings bees (so critical), minimal waste in packaging – I love it all. As a consumer, these displays of a company’s values have a big influence on whether I will choose to try something or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. chelsea says:

    This seems like an interesting product to try! Omg I’m so jealous you got blogger mail.. I have yet to receive my first blogger mail.. goals. I do like tea, but I’m more of an coffee person, so maybe if this was coffee instead, I’d be all over it! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thoroughly Modern Emily says:

    It always makes me glad to hear of companies that try to pack things efficiently. I hate getting a giant box from Amazon filled with those plastic air packs and some twenty tiny little thing!

    I’m not sure if I’d try this, since I usually just go for water if I’m not having tea or soda, but I do like honey!



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