Guest Post: Why You've Got To Be An Optimist In Life by Emily.

Today’s guest post is by Emily at Mind Of A Badger. (Click here to view her blog.) The photos included in the post should also be accredited to Roxanne Milward, whose Instagram account can be found at this link.
I find it very hard to describe myself. I don’t like filling in profile descriptions or those moments when you meet a new group of people and you have to summarise yourself really quickly. But if there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I’m an optimist.
I think some people see optimists as having their heads in the clouds, that they’re somehow detached from reality, seeing things through rose-tinted glasses. And they go on about how they’re a realist instead because they’re grounded and realise that not everything in life works out. To those people, I’d argue that optimists also realise that some things don’t work out. I’d say that optimists aren’t blind to the negatives in life, they simply chose to not let these negatives get in their way.

You see, to me, optimism means giving things a chance. It means not quitting before you’ve even started. It means believing that something is possible instead of immediately damning it as impossible.
Let me give you an example. I had several conversations with people whilst at university about starting long distance relationships. They’d always be asking if trying would even be worth it or whether there was no point in trying because long distance relationships are sooo much harder. I’d want to shake them and say “Of course it is!!” Everything is always worth trying! If you don’t try, there’s already a guaranteed outcome – it won’t work. If you do try then, true, it might fail down the line, but it also might not! Why give up on a relationship before it’s even begun, before you’ve even given it a chance? It just makes no sense to me.

I think a similar thing when people tell me that they’re not going to do something because the last time they did it something went wrong. “Oh no, last time I went running I fell over and broke my ankle so I’m not doing that again.” Okay, fair enough, you had a bad experience, but that does not guarantee that the same thing is going to happen if you try it again! You can’t let one bad time stop you from having potentially great times in the future. You’re only hindering yourself.
If you’re reading this, I want you to go away from this post determined to focus on the possibilities in life. Don’t think about what could go wrong. I mean, do acknowledge any risks and take precautions against them, but don’t let those risks become guaranteed. Imagine how much you’d kick yourself for not taking up an opportunity if you could somehow see that it worked out in the end. Just, give life a chance.


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  1. May 8, 2017 / 7:28 pm

    I absolutely love the photos! “Optimists just choose not to let the negatives get in their way” I love this and it’s just so true! x

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