Friendly soap review; so good, smells nice, and a free from cruelty brand!*

Disclaimer: Having been sent some Friendly Soap in my Little Known Box, I wished to work directly with the brand. This post contains a PR sample, yet is my honest review, having requested to review the product directly.
Part of any hygiene routine involves some form of soap; literally, just to get rid of dirt. So, I was very happy to be reviewing Friendly’s soap-and was quite overwhelmed with how generous they were with me.
I was impressed with the packaging, in that part of the branding is to note that each soap is free from cruelty, and is natural as well as handmade. As a brand, I feel that this is far more responsible than some consumer products; it also acts as an incentive to buy it! We need to be kind in our consumerism, after all.
Similarly , the packaging is also very brightly coloured for the soap-although not for some of the other bars as the above photo shows. I feel this is a bonus; after all, why would anyone want to buy a product that is the antithesis of this? This instantly screams to me good quality, confidence in themselves, and therefore a good brand.
Firstly, I think it’s important to note that I could smell the soap through the parcel packaging. However, it wasn’t really overpowering; rather, I was curious about using the soap. This was in addition to the fact that they have flavours-or should it be smells?-that I regard as being more than just conventional.
Once you get the actual soap out of the packaging, it’s a really chunky size. Like, really chunky. And it’s far too big for me to hold in just one hand. (Bigger than your average soap bar!) You’ll receive more for your money, however the shape is a bit cumbersome. (Two hands is what I suggest-just to prevent it slipping away from you.) Bit the ingredients are nice enough, meaning that I could wash inflamed, itchy skin-which has now settled as well.
I have yet to use all of these, but will do so in good time.
What do you think about Soap?


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