The Thirty Questions Disney Tag. (My Response!)  

A little while ago, Faz guest posted; she tagged me as part of her guest post. Therefore, without much further ado, here is my response.

Favourite character?

Gotta be Mulan. As a small shield growing up watching Disney, she was the antithesis to the rest of the too-stereotypical princess; I wanted to be like her. She made her way in a make-dominated world, which was really cool to me. Because why can’t a woman do what a man does!?

Favourite princess?

See above.

Favourite heroine?

Alice from Alice Wonderland. And this was, firstly, the literary angle-being a Bibliophile-but also because I enjoyed the twist at the end. No man needed here!

Favourite prince? 

Probably Prince Charming?

Favourite hero?

I assume this-as in, what’s meant h the question-favourite male hero. Probably FlynnRider  (yes, spelt wrong..) from Tangled. He’s all curls, odd edges, and is always a mess-the exact opposite of what a typical Disney hero is. Because I love difference!

Favourite animal?

The horse is Tangled. Even though the Horse has no dialogue, he steals all the best lines-particularly when he turns detective, and is out to get Flynn Rider. The humour is situational at best. But who would have thought that a Horse could be so manipulative and funny at the same time?!

Favourite sidekick?

I don’t really have one…

Favourite villain?

Ursula! Because she has full command of her witchcraft in her under water lair. Plus, she scared me as a child.
 Favourite original character?

Sebastian from The Little Mermaid!

Favourite love song?

I’m not sure what it’s called, but there’s one in The Little Mermaid-when Ariel is falling in love with Prince Eric, and she rescues him? Although I can’t really say I listen to this regularly, or have done of late.
Favourite song?

What Sleeping Beauty sings? Or maybe ‘A Mother’ from Piglet’s Big Movie. (It’s Carly Simon.)
Favourite villain song?

When Scar from The Lion King starts singing. “A shining new era/is tiptoeing nearer…”

 Least favourite song?

Chimney, chimney from Mary Poppins.
Favourite kiss?


First film you saw?

The Jungle Book was the first film I ever saw at the cinema, and was one of the first Disney Films I had seen.

Favourite classic?

Finding Nemo.
Song that always gets stuck in your head?

Again, nada.
Favourite Pixar film?

Again, Finding Nemo.
Least favourite Pixar film?

Again, I would have to agree with Faz on this one; A Bug’s Life. There isn’t enough of a plotline for me to get stuck into.
Favourite sequel?

Finding Dory!

Overrated film?

A Bug’s Life!

 Underrated film?

Finding Nemo.

Film that makes you laugh?

Probably Sleeping Beauty?
 Film that makes you cry?

I haven’t got one..

 The saddest scene from your favourite film?

Saddest death?

Mufsa, mufsa, and mufsa!
Favourite quote?

Haven’t got to one, to be honest..
Favourite theme park?

Haven’t got one..
Favourite theme park attraction?

Haven’t got one..
Favourite theme park show?

Haven’t got one…

I tag Country Katie Uk, Kimberly Jessica, Natalie Johnson, and anyone else who wishes to participate!


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