Why I started Blogging.


I’ve been running this little blog for a while, now-five years. A full half a decade. (Just writing that makes me feel quite old-it seems only yesterday that I started this blog.) It’s about time that I explained why I started Blogging, right? Hence why I thought today’s post should explain why..

As a younger teenager, I use to read Shout Magazine a lot; to be honest, it was largely because there just was not something on the market for people my age. It was seemingly content largely based on beauty, boy bands, and problems. (There was not a lot about careers-I wish there was, and that there would be more now.) Anyway, there was a two page spread about Blogging-showing some great blogs, complete with a how to guide. (Blogging hadn’t really taken off-Zoella wasn’t on our horizons, yet.)

I wanted in.

Blogging just seemed really cool-and something glamorous, exotic, even exciting. Who wouldn’t want that?

I was the teen who loved words-bookish, awkward, slightly geeky, and yet to be diagnosed with ASD. (That would come later-and I’ll maybe go into this later.) But as somebody who was constantly writing words-diaries, poetry, etc-this was something I wanted to do. I didn’t really have an ambition at this point-as in, what I wanted to do, career wise. (The prefix of Journalist came later.)

So, this blog started off as Musiclover25.wordpress.com-based on my birthday date, as well as my Bluetooth name, for a phone I owned at the time. (So cool, ha ha!) I blogged about anything that came to mind-but as pages, rather than posts. I was a rookie, learning on the job. (Because who wouldn’t love playing about with the free WordPress themes?)

Then I really got into history…so, instead of writing about fashion-I know more about style than trends-I started writing about history. So, Anne Frank, people like that…But it was still a mesh of subjects. I even published some lousy drawings I’d made via the programme Paint. People at my secondary school promoptly found this site-in spite of using a pen name-meaning that I was promptly mocked. And not in a nice way, either. (But I still wanted to write-it’s what I do.)

Finally, I found out about Sylvia Plath, and Stacey Duigud. They because my namesake-the women of  ‘Mademoiselle’, glamourous and exciting, I could semi-emulate them, whilst writing under the umbrella of ‘lifestyle’. 

Blogging has been a way for me to build up a publishing reputation-I can practice many different skills such as photography, being disciplined or a deadline, writing, coordinating extra content, and formulating my opinions. And at the end of the day, I’m very grateful,I took the plunge.

How did you become introduced to Blogging?




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  1. wotsbooks says:

    Started because I wanted to publicise my books but soon dropped that idea as I liked blogging in itself and like the connection with other bloggers. I’ve blogged about all sorts of nonsense now 🙂

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