A look inside my Filofax.

As I’ve done previously, I’ve shared a few posts, relating to my Filofax, how I plan, and what is inside. As I write this, it’s the last day of February, and my planner has already become well and truly stuffed. About a week ago, there was also a Twitter chat, which deviated towards Filofaxes, Planning, Organisation, and all under the topic of Motivation. So, I wanted to show you what is inside, how I plan my blog, column, etc.
Firstly, I use a Red Metrapool in personal size version; that way, I can put it into my bag at a moments notice. There’s also two pen loops-one for a biro, and one for a (blotchy) Fountain pen.
On opening, however..

This is the initial insides. To the left there are several pockets, all of which I keep things stashed in, in order to reach them easily. I have three stamp books, my medications, post-its, and my tube and rail card. Because we always need easy access on the Underground!
The pink card is there as something to keep me cheerful, as well as to be something inspirational. I wrote a letter to Grazia Columnist Polly Vernon; she responded back! (Not at all what I expected.) To me, correspondence is something very meaningful-as the card is to me-which is why I wish to keep letters. It’s special to me, hence why it’s in the Filofax.
But when you turn the page….

So you can see the front of Vernon’s card here-it always makes me smile. Next is a plastic fly leaf, complete with my name on it. If ever it gets lost-such as at my college-I hope by having this included, my Filofax will find its way back to me.
After this is a wallet. Here, I keep tickets from some of my favorite ‘press shows’-could be a concert, a play, a production, even an exhibition. These remind me of why I do the job I do, in spite of not being paid. These were all great experiences, of which I have been privelleged to be a part of. (My favorite has been Queen Extravaganza!) Before I go any further, I thought I should explain about my tabs:
These Tabs-the cream coloured things-were available on Amazon, for far less than they were retailling on the Filofax site. (Yes, cheapskate I know, but I had limited resources.) They each perform different functions:

  • Diary: obviously, this is where I keep my appointments/engagements/posts logged. So, I post daily, I have a column deadline, I additionally pitch to brands, have a lot of college work to do, etc. And they are colour coded!
  • Notes: literally my jottings!
  • Projects: This is where I look after anything major I’m doing-so, interviews, blog brand partnerships, my book that I’m writing, etc.
  • Information: Every college student knows what further progression means! So, here is my UCAS/NTCJ information, etc.
  • Finance: empty at the moment!
  • Addresses: also empty currently! I’m planning to create a directory of all my helpful contacts I’ve built up over the years-that’ll probably take a long time, however. Too many things to do in the mean time!

If you look behind these tabs, you’ll notice there’s a lot of paper that doesn’t relate at all to what is inside the Filofax. A Filofax to me can also function as a wallet-you can stash things in it to transport, whilst you take it with you. So, as you can see in this photo, I have some letters to post-the stamp gives it away!-as well as a few forms in the back. All you have to do is take it to a postbox,post the letters, and continue with your day.
Simple, right?
I’ve also previously stashed a few letters I’ve received; that way, I can reply quickly.
Here’s what a blank spread looks like:

As you can see, I like to decorate my planner-just to make it pretty, and less bland than it already was. (You have yet to see the Washi tape!) With a week to a page, I can easily keep track of what is happening. For this reason, I also colour code every entry.

  • Blue = blog post. (This is daily, so a lot!)
  • Green= any social event, or if I’m required to report on something.
  • Pink= birthdays! (I also sometimes stick a star next to them.)
  • Yellow= reminder. This can be anything at all.
  • Purple= other. Anything that does not fall into these categories! (Also a signal for guest posting slots, and if people I know are away.)
  • Orange= deadlines. So, this could be for my column, homework, other copy deadlines, etc.

Sounds so simple, right? I really like taking the time to colour code, because then I can just glance at a page.

This is my notes section, and as stated previously, it’s where I literally keep my notes, or where I take notes. You can also see for the tab that ai went a bit overboard with Washi Tape and Stickers! (But I love colour.)
This next photo is where all the secrets to my blog lie..

Projects are always being worked on, although nowadays I don’t always have a strict deadline-I keep posts in my drafts, and upload them whenever I have a moment. That way, I can never run out of ideas! (And it’s also how I coordinate interviews, guest posts, etc.)

But I can’t disclose some information, for obvious reasons.

So, this tab relates to my further progression, later on from the college. (There may be a blog series about this later!) However, I did use it to log information that I would perhaps need on a train journey last year-so, if I was going up to London, what route, underground, etc.

The finance and address sections are still blank-I’m working in them!
What’s in your planner?


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  1. April 25, 2017 / 10:28 am

    Love posts like this, seeing peoples organisational habits… It’s strangely intimate and curious. Thanks for sharing your Filofax, I love that you have inspirational and positive things for when you open it. 🙂

    • April 25, 2017 / 10:29 am

      And thank you for commenting-it makes my day when people do!

  2. April 25, 2017 / 2:45 pm

    Hi, thank you for this delightful peek inside your lovely planner! Have a wonderful rest of your day 🙂
    Heather at vanilla folders

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