Interview with Henrik Jeppesen, the man who travelled to every country prior to his 28th birthday! 

For someone who has visited every country in the world, and prior to his 28th birthday, needless to say I felt inspired.


You visited every country in the world before your 28th birthday; What inspired you to carry out such a feat?

It’s such a difficult question to answer. I love many countries for different reasons. Italy and France for the food. South Africa has a lot to offer for travellers while Iran probably has the friendliest people in the world.

In countries that may be dangerous, how do you manage risk? 

Do a lot of research is very important before going to one of the “so-called” dangerous countries. Finding local contacts you can trust. Tour operators, hotels and/or expats.


What is your favourite country you’ve visited and why?

Watching TV and foreign films about the different countries around the world. Then I set a goal of visiting 50 countries and then 100 countries. I decided to go for all of them as I became more comfortable travelling.

How do you plan to carry out your goal of visiting every territory ? 
Taking them one at a time and write to people that might be able to help me reach the difficult destinations.


For anyone who wishes to follow in your footsteps, what would be your advice?

I believe it is possible for almost everyone to travel the world. Even without money. Accommodation and transport are the biggest expense when travelling. Couchsurfing Stay with local people for free around the world. I have stayed with many locals around the world and never had an issue, but keep in mind things, of course, can happen. Make sure to check the reviews and don’t stay at a place with no reviews. Hitchhiking I have hitchhiked with more than 1,000 cars with no issues. It’s a great way to experience the local culture wherever you go completely free of charge. Travel On a Low-Budget It’s a bit easier to travel if you have a bit of money. Airbnb is a much cheaper alternative to hotels. The best tip for transport is to use low-cost airlines and low-cost buses. Sign up for their newsletters to get notified when they have promotions. Low-Cost Airlines Includes AirAsia, Air Arabia, EasyJet, Fastjet, Jetblue, Jetstar, Ryanair, Spirit Airlines and Tiger Airways. Low-Cost Buses Includes Boltbus, Eurolines, Greyhound Express, Megabus and Peter Pan Bus Travel Light One important rule to take advantage of the low fares is to travel light. No check-in luggage as it can cost you more than the ticket itself. Airlines have different rules, but try to keep it to a maximum of six kilogrammes and 55x40x20 cm in size. Focus on cost-saving Meals at supermarkets for less than a dollar in many countries.

Random question:What do you prefer: cats or dogs?
Dogs by far. I still miss my dog that died nearly six years ago while I was in India.
To find out more about Henrik, please visit


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