What I want to see more of on the Blogosphere. 


In the general sense, the word ‘blogosphere’ refers to the blogging universe-essentially the collective of blogs and anything related. But to me it seems to have become stilted recently-and I find myself becoming a little bit disillusioned. What would I like to see change?  Well..

More male bloggers!

If you roll through your Twitter lists, how many bloggers that you follow are male?  The answer is probably not many.(I follow maybe one or two.) But male opinion is just as legitimate as female opinion-so why shouldn’t that transmit to blogging? There’s a whole collective that hasn’t been explored as fully as possible yet. 

Better support.

It amazes me to see that Bloggers support each other in terms of mental health; to be frank, its endearing. But I sometimes feel as if the actual blog doesn’t get a lot of support, in terms of work behind the scenes. For example, in Facebook groups it is very rare for anything I post to lead to a contrbution on the blog. And it frustrates me, because I’m a blogger too-but it is almost outside looking in.

And there could be more support in terms of PR; why not create a register of PR’S who are not necessarily good to work with? Twitter is dominated by this drama. 

What do you think could change in blogging?



5 thoughts on “What I want to see more of on the Blogosphere. 

  1. wotsbooks says:

    I must admit I just follow blogs I like and it’s sometimes only ages gayer that I realise if they’re a man or woman, non binary blogger etc. I have looked back at a couple that I follow and seen quite offensive posts come up and have unfollowed but that’s rare

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