50 Things To Do If You’re Bored. 

A friend sparked the idea for this post; she was bored, and messaging me, asking all sorts of questions. Here are fifty things to do if you’re bored!

  1. Read a book. Any book. 
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Dream about a holiday you wish to take.
  4. Plan to make it a reality.
  5. Reorganise your bedroom.
  6. Colour code your planner.
  7. Colour code your wardrobe.
  8. Even colour code your shoes!
  9. Have a blog post brainstorm.
  10. Learn a craft.
  11. Use that craft.
  12. Rip out any articles you wish to keep from your magazines, and file them away in a folder. Can be about anything.
  13. Sign up to be a volunteer.
  14. Do not go on a shopping splurge.
  15. Plan a day out.
  16. Plan a picnic.
  17. Challenge yourself to learn all fifty states of America.
  18. Learn to recite a poem, the longer the better.
  19. Dance crazily to old songs.
  20. Sing!
  21. Dance!
  22. Even practice your Jazz hands 😁
  23. Plan a party.
  24. Netflix and a tub of icecream? Yes please!
  25. Paint your nails.
  26. Paint your toenails.
  27. Run around the block, or your garden.
  28. Offer to walk your neighbours dog.
  29. Binge watch TV.
  30. Start a new project.
  31. Go wild with stickers in your planner!
  32. Try a new beauty splurge.
  33. Spend all your time on Facebook.
  34. Visit a library.
  35. Borrow a book from that library.
  36. Contemplate all of life’s tricky questions.
  37. Learn some new slang.
  38. Hashtag everything you say.
  39. Play a board game.
  40. Hold a board game marathon.
  41. Write all your birthday cards.
  42. Write all of your Christmas cards.
  43. Go through your clothes, and donate those that don’t fit to a charity shop. Donations are always needed.
  44. Practice yoga.
  45. Tweet! Compulsively.
  46. Read the news.
  47. Debate the news.
  48. Write yourself a future letter.
  49. Find a pen pal.
  50. Bake.

What do you do when bored?



2 thoughts on “50 Things To Do If You’re Bored. 

  1. shaunkellett says:

    Some great suggestions here!
    When I’m bored I sit around moaning that I’m bored, then moan about how much time I’ve wasted being bored… Haha. It’s not very productive or very good at breaking the cycle! Might have to utilise your list next time!

    Liked by 1 person

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