50 Things To Do This Weekend.

Good morning!

It has been a little while since I’ve written one of these posts-the list of fifty things, dependent on circumstance. I have to point out that this was an idea adapted from Gala Darling’s lifestyle blog; therefore, here are fifty things to do this weekend.

  1. Go on a picnic, complete with hamper, food, and blankets.
  2. Read The Bell Jar, from cover to cover.
  3. Learn a poem and commit it to memory.
  4. Join a Twitter chat if you’re a blogger-they have so many benefits!
  5. Go sailing.
  6. Walk the dog.
  7. Or the cat. Because… 😆
  8. If it’s a rainy day, spend it writing posts, and scheduling them.
  9. Write a bucket list.
  10. Dream of what the next week will bring.
  11. Download  a new gaming app.
  12. Write. Anything.
  13. Decide what is, and read your favorite blog.
  14. Have a bath, complete with candles.
  15. Learn a new song.
  16. Download a new album.
  17. Organise your wardrobe by colour.
  18. Exercise!
  19. Go shopping for a stunning pair of shoes.
  20. Splurge on said pair of shoes.
  21. File all your papers away.
  22. Alphabetise your books.
  23. Go on a vinyl collecting trip.
  24. Visit a local exhibition.
  25. Read a local paper.
  26. Write an imaginary interview.
  27. Colour code your planner.
  28. Complete any assignments due, if you’re a student. (Like me!)
  29. Make a mood board.
  30. Start a scrapbook.
  31. Bake.
  32. Play a mammoth game of monopoly.
  33. Or articulate.
  34. Start a diary.
  35. Give the diary a name.
  36. Decide on who is your historical Hero.
  37. Take lots of photos!
  38. Review the photos from your last holiday.
  39. Go for a walk.
  40. Paint your nails.
  41. Book a manicure.
  42. Book a pedicure.
  43. Call your mother.
  44. Or any other relative you haven’t seen in a while.
  45. Book a hair cut.
  46. Host a film night.
  47. Or Netflix.
  48. Attend a local cinema screening.
  49. Review it for your blog. 
  50. Comment on this post!

What will you be doing this weekend?



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