Guest Post: Being Vegan In An Consumerist World by Leigh.

Hey everyone.-
 I’m Leigh from I’m Sophia Leigh. (Click here to view.)  I’ll be the guest blogger for Lydia today. How exciting! This is my first ever guest post; I have decided to share with you some tips or ways to adapt veganism & environmentalism into the consumerist world we live in today. Hope you enjoy as these are things close to my heart & I believe that everyone needs to know ways to help our beautiful world. 
First of all I’ve been vegan for almost a year now and during that time I have learnt a lot ,from how much our choices affect the earth directly , through to how to at ually cook tofu which has been a great achievement for me, as for many years I’ve been that Chef who burns beans on toast. 
Did you know that to create one hamburger, we use enough water for thirty showers? So, now on to the reason I am writing this for you guys.
How to be vegan & environmental in this consumerist world:
1. Eat locally grown fruit & veggies – 
This is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint & is completely vegan friendly due to it just being fruits and veggies you are consuming.
2. Don’t buy into so many plastic items- 
This is one I was guilty for , before learning that plastic only has a certain amount of times it can be recycled. So, you may be recycling that empty bottle of shampoo but how many times was that plastic recycled before yours? Probably at least once already; instead invest in long lasting alternatives ,such as a shampoo bar from Lush ,or a bar of soap ,instead of that shower gel, liquid hand soap and face wash. 
3. Keep reusables in your home & bag- 
This way you won’t be tempted to buy the flimsy plastic carrier bags in the store ; you’ll have a canvas reusable bag there already. Using a stainless steel straw reduces the amount of single use plastic straws that end up in our oceans after one use , killing many of our marine life. 
4. Invest in good quality items – 
This will save you money in the long run; having good quality items in your life reduces the need to buy more creating even more waste in the world. Such as having good knives, pots, pans, glass containers, shoes, clothing etc.
5. Make your own food at home- 
This is great way to learn how to cook & will save you money in a way. Prepare your meals for the week , store in your containers , then take them to work or school. You’ll avoid the temptation to buy any non-vegan foods because you are hungry and craving a pick-me-up. 
6. Shop at second stores- 
This is a great one! You’re second hand items reduce the need for high street stores creating more clothing unethically and at low labour costs- give The True Cost Documentary a watch ; it tells you a lot about the fashion industry and how damaging it really is. Shopping second hand reduces the damage to our earth and our people and supports the local charity, second hand shop, or just the person you buy it from directly. For me I usually buy my items in charity stores and online sites such as EBay auctions & Depop. 
These just 6 ways you can be more sustainable in the world today- I do have more some over on my site & some I will be posting about soon. Hope you have enjoyed learning something new today- have you already been doing these things? Leave Lydia a comment below. If you want to give me a follow on social media I’m @sophialeighblog on Twitter and Instagram.
Much Love & Light,
Leigh xx

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