The benefits of a Filofax. (Planners are essential!) 

I haven’t blogged about Filofaxes for a while now; instead of doing the average tour-through-your-planner, I wanted to devote a post as to what the benefits of a Filofax are, and just how useful they are for planning virtually everything.

img_0908I’ve used the Filofax, size personal, for a few years now; simply put, it fits every facet of my life into its very own covers. It al,owns me to plan, prepare,etc-and that’s much needed as a Columnist, Blogger, Student, Writer. (Just imagine the amount of deadlines-for guest posters, homework, for copy, etc.)

It is also a great tool that works very well for somebody like me, who has Aspergers; I have to plan my movements very specifically. Otherwise, I become very anxious-and I’m otherwise not very good at time management otherwise. (Because we all spend way too much time of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, don’t we?!)

So, just what are the benefits of a Filofax?

A Filofax is your own wallet for life.

img_0909A Filofax is a wallet, because you can stuff it with anything at a moments notice.

(My Filofax is stuffed with sheets, for what’s needed at the college, if you were wondering.)

But the covers often have pockets-so, I keep my stamps here, as well as post-it’s, my medication, and my Tube card.

I don’t need a bag no more! But in all seriousness, it’s again useful, so you don’t have to go rifling for the relevant thing.

A Filofax inspires.

img_0911When I come to think of it, there was that special moment when my aspiration of music Journalist seemed legitimate as well as palpable.

The first time I saw Queen Extravaganza in concert, I got to meet them after-and I had a whole discussion with the lead singer, who knew me on name-basis after an interview. Because who would want that at sixteen?!

Anyway, my Filofax now has my signed gig ticket from then, to remind me every day that this is possible, and it can be done.

Keep track of deadlines.

img_0915I inhibit several roles, which all come with their deadlines; columnist, freelancer, blogger, student, etc. Copy and essays are due regularly.

Filofaxes keep track of this for me!

(Otherwise, I wouldn’t remember any deadline at all; that would be a problem for many reasons-because who can neglect their grades, let alone their readers!?)

As you can see, the orange is for ‘deadline’ in the photo on the right-Column due!

Then again, it also keeps track of releases-in purple is Matt Haig’s next book. And I possibly have a blog project lined up to do with that! (By my punctuation, you could probably guess that I am very excited about this.)

Be an organised blogger!

img_0913If you even dare to dream that you want to do the 365 day challenge, you will need to be organised. And I realy cannot stress this enough!

Blog posts are daily, as indicated in blue. (I love to colour code.) The post-it’s indicate progress of several different guest post slots-and the vague language is so that I can identify who it is at a glance. And if they’re later than planned, I have a degree of flexibility in that I can move it to a new week.

Organise your social media.

img_0912My blog doesn’t get many hits. So I decided to do something about that.

The two post-its in yellow indicate hashtags to get a retweet, as well as blog chats on Twitter for every day of the week.

If I didn’t have a Filofax, I’d forget.

What benefits do you get from your planner?



4 thoughts on “The benefits of a Filofax. (Planners are essential!) 

  1. BEV says:

    I need to be extremely organised for work and I have a lot of things to remember in my personal life, so my Filofax is an essential tool in my life and has been for over 30 years. My planning style has changed over the years but I still set aside time every weekend to plan the week and month ahead for work, myself and my husband. I use an A5 and a Personal sized planner, but that is the brilliant thing about Filofaxes – they are flexible enough to meet everyone’s planning requirements.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shaunkellett says:

    This Filofax is amazing! There’s something about organisation like this that makes me drool a little, haha. I’m a terrible planner, but I love looking at other peoples well organised planners/filofaxes/etc.

    Liked by 1 person

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