Why I Like To Write; An Answer To A FAQ! 

*By FAQ, I mean frequently asked question.


For this post,I thought I would answer a frequently asked question: why do you write? 

For me it’s almost funny: now as a Columnist, Blogger, Interviewer,and  Freelancer, I, still asked: why do you like to write? It’s a question that has taken a long time to answer-alongside the variants of it.

Usually this is phatic talk, and we chat on about what I hope to write in future.

I wasn’t always a writer. And that’s why this is a seemingly funny question to me-becacuse I write like I talk, generally speaking. My features and blog posts are littered with features of spoken language. Writing is just having a conversation in print, essentially, to me. I don’t write to inform like a reporter; I do it instead to share my opinion, as well as to entertain. Not for the ego gratification.

Writers are important, because these are the people that live on, in terms of legacy; for instance, English students are still talking about The Great Gatsby. Book Bloggers review new releases all the time. They essentially write the history books, influencing us beyond what can sometimes be comprehended.

But at the end of the day; writing allows me to get rid of the cares of that day, dissolving my negative thoughts, and carry out a need to do so. If you lot weren’t here, reading this, I’d still be writing. I’d still be writing because I feel the need to-be it blog posts, columns, letters, missives, articles, books, poetry, etc.

At the core are words, the very thing that fascinate me; after all, I was never very good with numbers. But they are subjective in that they can mean different things to different people; love can differ in context, language, the pragmatics of the situation, etc. This is an endless puzzle, one that I want to solve.



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