Can I be honest? This 365 day challenge is really hard! 

It was a spur of the moment thing, really, but it was a long time coming: in the last days of 2016, I decided to undertake the three hundred and sixty five day challenge. I had seen Natalie at Youralmostalice do it, so why couldn’t I? I had every chance and advantage to do it.

The want to do the three hundred and sixty five day challenge also came from the recognition that Print is in decline, and the Journalist career choice is ever-shrinking; I’m not paid for what I write. As a writer I’m also a little bit fustrated; I want to be a part of this industry, yet cutbacks and lack of business meant shrinking access points. In undertaking this challenge, I would be writing daily; it’d develop a platform-for myself and other guest bloggers-, and I could develop a discipline that’s needed in writing.

But it’s hard.

So. Hard.

As I’ve written previously (ironically!), ideas are the fundemental basis to anyone wishing to blog, be a Columnist, etc. I’m running out! Generally speaking, this is also constrained by not wanting to be too political; politics is an immense interest of mine, yet I’m sick of how divisive it is. I could write for hours about Trump, Brexit, Refugees, but I wish not to be trolled. Brexiteers are apparently racist, for instant-but what’s the point in being contrevsial, just for effect? 

This is also hard for me as a student.

Gotta revise to pass my exams in June, haven’t I?! I have to balance this blog with revision, homework, an extra shorthand diploma, my column, the lack of  a social life, etc. Whilst this is rewarding, it’s stressful. I sometimes wonder why I do this. But I wouldn’t be a writer otherwise; I have to write, I need to write.

As a solution, I’m scheduling posts months in advance. (This post itself for instance is being written in February!) That way, I can make enough room for all of the above mentioned, and still review books, etc. I may just not be as active on Twitter some days. I’ll generally post my posts that are new that day, but with just less personal interaction. 

And if there is anyone wishing to guest post, please email me via the contact page-you’re needed more than ever now!



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