Why I love politics. 

I know what you’re thinking: *yawn, yet another gob job on the internet wanting to write about Brexit, yawn, moving slong*. In a way, you are correct. I’ll be mentioning some political events indirectly for this post, but in order to tell you why I love politics.

Again, it was a spar-of-the-moment choice to take it at A Level; the lecturer at the open evening had spotted me looking at political cartoons on a board, which were promptly discussed. (They were vaguely satirical, something akin to what is found in Private Eye.) But it developed from there, way back in 2015.

These last two years have been filled with politicised events; we had the refugee crisis that’s still ongoing, the first female presidential candidate, a second female Prime Minister, the Trump administration, Brexit, widening debates about the gender pay gap, constituency changes, the end of the Obama era, and so much more. (As a wannabe Journalist, the news is what I read every morning-BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mid Sussex Times-in the hope to have a well-rounded few of global and localised news. Anyway, I digress.)

At the heart of politics are people-if it’s a democracy, a dictatorship, etc. It’s all around us, even if you don’t vote.

We all have opinions-often strongly-about various subjects:Brexit, Trump, Farage, Smoking, Tax, Tobelerone, IPad, EU, Theresa May, etc. (All of these are in reference to recent news stories.) But they’re all politicised to a degree. 

Essentially, I love politics, because it’s a subject that doesn’t stop. It’s all around us, in spite of apathy, hapathy, etc.

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