How to add more colour to your life. 

I first had the idea for this post on reading a post over at Dorkface; how to add more ‘Unicorn’ to your life. (Seriously. But it’s such a good post.) But I’ve also read Gala Darling’s website for a while now. The main piece of wisdom imparted seemed to be to add more colour to your life-even backed up by being a guest on a podcast, in debating the merits of bright lip colours. (Something bold, no?) Anyway, I wanted to write a post along those lines-how to add more colour to your life. (I’m bored of the stereotypical black, brown, and grey clothes that seemingly dominate my country all year round!)

1. Choose more colourful books.

img_0857And I don’t mean the racy sort!

Books, firstly, aren’t always a stiff paperback-they can look very pretty on your shelf. (Left is Radical Self Love By Gala Darling.)

Secondly, books are very colourful in their characteristics; a good book could have a plotline with seemingly larger-than-life characters. Sometimes they rub off on us, don’t they? I mean, first rule of being a Writer; Read, Read, and Read some more, in the hope that the writing techniques rub themselves off on you. (Yes, ‘Read’ had to be capitalised!)

But anyway: some characters I wish to emulate-for the characteristics they have that I don’t. They are the colourful ones that could be emulated by us all.

2. Add colour to what you wear.

img_0858Seems simple, right?!?

As I’ve already said in this post, I’m tired of the stereotypical colours that seemingly dominate everywhere I go-black, brown, and grey. Surely that suggest almost a dull feeling, lack of hope? Not that there’s anything actually wrong with these hues; I just dislike the dominance that they have everywhere.

I think that being colourful in what you wear-not too gaudy, but in how you style yourself-could have a good impact, in terms of confidence, and how you present yourself.

Sorry for the cliche, but there’s also something empowering about this: showing that you’re yourself to the extent that petty cares don’t bother you.

See why I want to do more of this?!

3. Wear it on ‘yo’ face! 

img_0553Because our faces are the one thing that we put forward instantly!

In all seriousness, with reference to the podcast I mentioned earlier; there’s something very brave about wearing a lip colour that’s quite bright. (Has anyone seen Cosmo recently, with their silver lips tutorial?)

It’s a way to add colour-but all I can say is don’t overdo it, such as with eyeshadow and eyeliner in bright colours to boot.

How do you suggest adding colour to your life?



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