18 Things To Do Before Turning Eighteen. 

This is a blog post that seems to be floating round the Blogosphere in many different forms-some things to do before turning a specific age. Yet, I haven’t seen it for the age of eighteen as yet. And, as I’m turning eighteen this week, I thought I’d share ’18 things to do before turning 18′:

  • Meet at least one of your heroes.

I really disagree with the saying, “Never meet your heroes”. There never going to be like the persona that they project, obviously. Because that’s just marketing and wanting to make a living. But these are the people who inspire us-as teens, their posters are over our bedroom walls, we follow them on Twitter now, we even go to their concerts. They make us want to be better about ourselves. And that’s important.

(Before the age of Eighteen, I’ve met Caitlin Moran, Derren Brown, Anastacia, and Brian May. These are the people that inspire me, and what I wish to one day aspire to-not in terms of career, but in attitude.)

  • Pitch.

Whenever I’m asked how to do X, Y, or Z, the simple answer is: I pitched it. To the right person, right place, and at the right time. And, as the saying goes, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. Pitch something-be it for writing, a project, etc. 

  • Go to many concerts.

Eighteen to me seems almost very old-it feels silly to put that!-but there’s more responsibility, you’re moving on to new pastures, etc. But music is the one thing that always makes me feel nostalgic, and it’s one of my happiest places.

  • Try to develop your own self-assurance.

There are many people that I know who I envy-they know what party to vote for, what religion they follow, if they have any personal ideology-feminism,etc-and where they stand on specific issues. And, to be honest, they can intimidate be, because they are so convicted, so believing in this. I want to develop this more now.

  • Undertake public speaking.

Public speaking: always a tricky one. But nowadays it seems it’s a skill we all need. Just even do it once-publicly, about any issue. The world won’t end if it goes wrong. 

  • Make a mixtape.

(Trying to be a fully-fledged nineties kid!) For a mixtape, the older the better, generally speaking. 

  • Develop a skill.

To have a skill is something worth it-Blogging is perhaps the only one I have, yet there are many opportunities that come from it. Plus, having a skill makes you competitive in the workplace-which is not always a bad thing.

  • Read a book.

And I mean; not on a Kindle, electronically, etc. But a real book-be it paperback or hardback, with cracked spines and flicking pages. We really don’t treasure these enough, and it saddens me to hear that somebody has never read a book. These are portals to other worlds, they develop your opinions, and entertain! 

  • Write a letter.

Again, letters are a dying breed. Write. Everything electronic seems to loose something human-you don’t have the handwriting, the doodles, etc. 

  • Do something that seems stupid at the time, but you’ll laugh about later.


  • Decide your order for Starbucks.

It’s a stereotype in glossy Box sets like Pretty Little Liars: to always have a Starbucks in your hand, apparently being a part of the ice-cool group. Now, I don’t drink tea or coffee, oddly enough, but I always enjoy a strawberry and cream Frappe. 

  • Spend a day off social media.

Because it’s online, and we have a beautiful world to treasure! 

  • Get organised with a planner.

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I have a planner. Quite a stuffed planner, to be accurate. I organise my blog, college work, column deadlines, other apppointments, my novel, etc. People are seemingly amazed at this! But I cannot stress the importance of a planner enough. They are a lifesaver. 

  • Volunteer.

Quite self explanatory, really. 

  • Do something kind.

We could all just be kinder to people, for once-we should reject anything less. It’s poisonous otherwise. 

  • Develop a tolerance.

I’ll leave you to brood on this one. 

  • Write a letter to a future version of yourself.

I haven’t done this yet, but I really want to! 

  • Do something completely random. 

What do you plan to do prior to turning eighteen?



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