Mad Girl By Bryony Gordon: Review.

Now I must admit, there’s not a lot that I know about OCD. Having never experienced it, and having not met anyone who openly says they have the condition, all I really knew was derived from various blog posts. Hence one of the main reasons I wanted to read this memoir. (And I’d also seen some promotional images on Instagram.) Gordon was not somebody whose work I was familiar with-I had not even read her first book, The Wrong Knickers.

What really struck me is how much of a call to arms this book is. (Not in the literal sense!) Mad Girl really makes the case that mental health is just as important as physical health. It additionally notes how it is not necessarily taken as seriously as it should and could be-and that could potentially have quite diabolical consequences.

Following on from this notion, I felt really sorry for Bryony at the time that Gordon recounts in this memoir-trapped in a time that OCD was not as understood as it is today. Yet, what shines through is the real character strength-meaning  that to feel sorry s emus almost wrong; in spite of the self-destructive urges, used as a tool to seemingly blot out the OCD, Gordon has managed to write two books, marry, have a child, become a Columnist. This has clearly been no easy feat. And it shows.

My only real criticism is that I sometimes did not understand the language-what is ‘WLDN’, anyway? (I’m a terrible teenager.)

This book is a teastement as to why we need better mental health care. And I love it for that exact reason.

Rating: 10/15

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