What’s in my bag? (The bag I wish I could use in reality..)

Surely every Blogger knows this?! From their actual bag in reality, what they dream that they carry around be quite different. So, for this post, I thought I’d indulge in some fantasy, and show you what my ‘dream bag’ has inside it.

This is a canvas bag, which was a present from a relative just under a year ago, at the time of writing.

I like the ‘bookish’ slant of the text-because it is, well… very relative to me. I love books! (They were, really, why I got to where I am, in terms of writing.) It can be fiction, drama, tragedy, history, etc, and I love it.

(And I think many relatives would agree that I love to read, I admire books, and Omsort of collect them-in that my library is very large, and I usually always have a book with me. Because what will you do when your train is delayed?! )

A canvas bag is also very practical for me, in terms of shape. It can cause occasional shoulder ache-particularly if it is overstuffed-but the shape is sort of malleable, meaning I can take it everywhere!

This next one is for all you curly haired girls…

I’m now trying to get in the habit of always having a hair brush on my person-and a tangle tamer is so lively, it doesn’t pull at all. No matter how much I try to tame my hair, it usually looks messy. And I cannot spend far too long on styling it-because that gets dull, very quickly. So, I have a hairbrush! Gotta look professional, after all..

Now these go along with my planner; for a number of reasons, I have to be incredibly organised on paper. (Yeah, not that I am…) With this need comes the want it’ll colour code-so simply looking at a page means I know what I am doing at a glance. So, Highlighters away!

That way, I know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it, and what also needs to be done. Although they float around my bag, I still think I’d be very lost without them. (I think this also relates to my ASD-the need to plan, take charge, etc.)

Additionally, as I said in my paragraph about books, I keep a book with me! Usually, it’ll be a proof copy that I’ll need to read, review, and write about (the three R’s!) at some point. This is just one of many examples-a book I’ve been very excited to read for a long time. I love Sylvia Plath’s work, and am familiar with what Dr Gail Crowther has written about her.

(Ironically enough, this book is about Plath and her Fandom, in aiming to answer the big question of; why? )

And yes, this is a proof copy, as at my own request, and a review will be up as soon as I have read it..

These are just a few things I keep in my ‘Dream bag’; reality usually overtakes this with exercise books, text books, and a pencil case. What would you have in your ‘dream bag’?



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