Interview with Jemma Morgan, A.K.A Dorkface. 

I’m not sure how to introduce this interview, so please excuse me if I start to ramble. Jemma Morgan is the woman behind the incredible blog Dorkface; if you’re not reading it, fellow Bloggers, I highly recommend you do. Jemma blogs, blogs, and is also founder of The Girl Gang; additionally, she is also co-founder of a podcast.  For this interview I opened up questions to Twitter and Instagram, meaning that anyone could suggest questions. They are marked by an *, and are credited to the people. All photos are courtesy of Jemma Morgan.

How and why did you start blogging?

I always wanted to be a writer growing up, and today blogging is the natural first step to getting yourself out there and starting to explore the written word in a public way. It’s fantastic! I only wish I’d started sooner.

Credit: Jemma Morgan.

Where does the name Dorkface come from?

I wanted a quick, snappy name that would be easy to remember. I also didn’t want it to be related to any particular niche, like beauty or fashion for example – because I wanted to keep my brand open to write about anything and everything, rather than putting myself into a box! Also, I was worried about trying to look ‘cool’ – knowing that I could never pull that off if I tried! I thought, I’m a total dork, so why not just get that right out in the open? 🙂 And so Dorkface was born, and I love it still!

* Jess, from, asked, If you were a unicorn, what colour would you be?

Lilac, and glittery!

* Georgia Boanoro, from, asked, What are your top 3 colours?

Blush pink, lilac, pastel blue.

Credit: Jemma Morgan.


*Ilka Elise, from, asked What are some of your favourite stationery brands?

Blippo, Paperchase, Fox and Star! And lots of little Etsy sellers.

What do you think about Blogging as a career?

I think it’s fantastic that there’s such a creative career open for anybody with passion. I especially love that females are dominating this industry.

Do you think we can sometimes over-share online?

Nahh.. not really. I mean, I definitely keep a lot to myself, because that’s my choice. But It’s totally fine for anyone else to bare all – and there’ll be an audience who wants that. It just depends what you want for yourself.

*Lottie Johnson, from, asked If you could only use one beauty product, what would you pick?

Definitely lipstick! It’s an instant mood booster isn’t it?! I’m obsessed with GOSH liquid lipsticks at the mo’.

*charlotte Samantha, of, asked What’s the one thing that keeps you motivated?

Honestly? Wanting to make my parents proud.

*Hayl Vogel, from, asked, Where do you get the most inspiration for your etsy shop products from?

Simply from things I like most! I love surface pattern design, nature can inspire a lot, magazines, and just real life in general! You can take inspiration from anything really.

Credit: Jemma Morgan.

For anyone who wishes to follow in your footsteps, do you have any advice?

Always be yourself, it’s so much easier and more fun!

Thank you very much to Jemma Morgan for answering all of these questions, as well as going out of her way to promote this on her Twitter page. Don’t forget to visit her blog by clicking here. And to visit her really cool etsy shop, click here.

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