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[Gifted/AD: Having worked with Ann previously, she gifted me a copy of her book, in exchange for a review.]

I’m a millennial. I. Am. A millennial. And I will always be a millennial.
When Ann Shoket, then the Editor in Chief of Seventeen (USA version), needless to say I was surprised, as well as a little bit shocked. (That was back when this blog was in a different incarnation-Noted In Style. ) Since she stepped down from her role, Shoket has been writing a weekly newsletter-something of a Badass Babes movement. Realitive to the weekly news, it has great appeal for people like me.

You want to go where the adventure is, go where the heat is. I can’t wait to see where my next adventure will take me!
-Ann Shoket, Mademoiselle Interview. 

Since then, Shoket has written a book. Entitled The Big Life, it is finally out today!

At just over two hundred pages, it’s a little bit short, but still quite an ambitious manifesto.  What is ‘The Big Life’? I guess a new concept meaning that you can make your mark on the world in whatever manner you wish-for example, be a stockbroker, and work the long hours for a future position, or even just to be happy. Whew!

Be curious and never stop looking for adventure.
-Ann Shoket, Mademoiselle Interview. 

What makes this idea seem far more tangible than most is that, apart from being based on Shoket’s own research, is that she quotes real women. There are imbedded quotes throughout, even interviews-such as with founder of Rent The Runway. 
I also love the unique selling point that for millennials, this is essentially a new world-owing to the 2008 Recession, and other factors, we can make this our own. And some are already doing it! (Rent The Runway being a significant case study here!) We are not necessarily the stereotyped version of ourselves-lazy, entitled, etc. (I’m sure we’ve all probably heard these all before.) It also makes me very excited to be entering into the workforce.

My only piece of real feedback is that there should be a transatlantic version; I don’t identify with my American counterparts is this respect, yet the idea could be something needed in the UK. (With Brexit, surely there’s a chance for business, etc?) But our economies are vastly different.
For the last line of today’s post: I am a badass babe. And we will be the ones to watch. 
Rating: 13/15

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