Maisie-Jane Lanyard Review; I Have Found Something That Will Make Anything Pretty.*

[Gifted/AD: This was sent to me, in exchange for a review.]

Whenever I see something pretty online, I’m usually enticed. (Just call me your very own Blogger magpie!) Maisie-Jane lanyards were being reviewed over at Kimberly Jessica, so I knew I just had to get in on the act. As you can see from the photo, it’s so pretty!
Maisie-Jane is a brand selling lanyards, retailing at about roughly twelve pounds and fifty pence each. There can be multiple charms, single charms, and there’s a variety to choose from; I chose a single Eiffel Tower charm, simply see. because it’s one of my favourite things. (This relates to a pair of earrings I own; to me they are lucky, because lucky things seem to happen when I wear them. Anyway, I digress..)
I like Maisie-Jane because, apart from being pleasing to the eye, is that it of course is a lanyard for any passes; similarly, the hook also can be used to do up your dress. The charm compliments whatever you wear it with, and the clasp is a very malleable and easy to use magnet.
What’s not to love?!
This is what I received in the post:

Quite pretty, right? In a very cutsie, dinky way. Yet, I think that the lanyard is quite sophisticated in taste; rather than being a standard issue lanyard, it draws attention to you in a very subtle way. It also doubles up as a necklace.

This is the lanyard in its entirety. Such a pretty thing! Also, as somebody who can be sensitive to some stimuli-as detailed in a previous post-this lanyard is not at all irritating. It actually has quite a nice feel.
And here you can see my college ID in the lanyard:

(I’ve blurred out my college details, the expiration date, as well as my photo. Because everyone’s ID picture is generally not well regarded, and is often mocked-as is mine. Therefore, I didn’t want to show it to you lot.)
But look at the charm! The fact that this lanyard also doubles up as a necklace is something I really love-going from studying, to any social engagement, etc. All here!
What do you think-would you wear these? 
Click here to buy a lanyard-it’s a worthwhile investment.

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