Radical Self-Love By Gala Darling. (Book review!) 

Disclaimer: This is a book that I bought for my own personal consumption, and has not been endorsed by any publisher. I am reviewing this for myself, and not in exchange for a proof copy. 

Ever since I read a post over at Oberjean by Jean about Filofaxes, having clicked an external link to Gala Darling’s website, I’ve been fascinated. Here was somebody with a very relatable writing style, a back story to listen to, and so much colour! For a long time, I’ve wanted to read her book-Radical Self Love-so I thought I could review this for today’s post. (At The time of writing, I haven’t finished it yet.)

First of all-and this will probably sound a little bit odd-but I really liked the feel of the book. It’s a paperback, yet it has a different feel to the average version-and is possibly more glossy. It’s also pink-as in, Gala Darling Pink. (Yes, that version of pink has to be capitalised!) Every time I look at this book, I can’t help but smile. It’s bold, ballsy, and just a little bit enviable-and differs to the average paperback in that respect.

To be honest, I haven’t finished this book yet-simply having not had the time-but at times it seems just a little bit too simple. 

One of my favourite sections has to be Tapping; I’ve heard of this practice before, but have always been a skeptic-“how can tapping a part of the body be at all helpful when you’re talking to yourself?” was my general line of questioning. But now it makes sense-to admit to yourself what you can change, etc. Additionally, the section on How To Infuse Your Day With Magic is just pure brilliance.

Gala Darling, thank you for writing this. This is part of a facet that I’ve found that speaks to me as an individual, and that I have come to admire. This book is brilliant. And we could all read it. 

What do you think-would you read this?



Click here to buy Radical Self-Love by Gaka Darling. 

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