The Ultimate Bucket List. (Guest Post by Lisa, Sugar Loaf Dreams) 

(This is a guest post, written by Lisa at Sugar Loaf Dreams. Click here to read her blog!) 

We all know about the traditional bucket lists

  •  Visit New York City
  •  See Buckingham Palace
  •  Ride a gondola through Venice
  •  Take a cruise
  •  Eat your way through Italy
  •  Ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Don’t get me wrong, these are all on my bucket list too. So far the only one I have ticked off the list is the cruise. The problem is, I enjoyed it so much it’s now back on the list to do it again!!!!!

But what about that other list…….the list that we don’t mention?

  •  being kind to others
  • Paying it forward
  • Donate to honest charities
  • Volunteer somewhere for a day
  • Offer to help an elderly neighbour by doing some gardening or grocery shopping
  •  Offer to assist a mum who seems overwhelmed

All we hear on the news is death, destruction and riots, political upheaval, but have you noticed, like me , that there are very few good news stories anymore? The only way to bring them back is to proactively do something to make them happen.

This crazy, mixed up world of ours is heading in directions that are, for the most part out of our control. The days of knowing all our neighbours are diminishing. People don’t want to get involved anymore. Keep to ourselves, turn a blind eye and we can’t be accused of anything or be dragged into more than we want.


What about the young lady that lives across the road from you that you hear screaming and crying with every slap or blow or angry word yelled at her? Is keeping that information to yourself really helping someone? It’s not helping you as you have to hear it and more important, you have to live with it. What if something really happened to her? How would you live with that then? You would say ‘if only I had said something, done something ‘.

Don’t leave things until it is too late. Report these things we see, hear and know are happening around us. You just may save a life. You can do all of these things anonymously, take advantage of that and make a difference.

We may not be able to change all the problems of the world and goodness knows there are so many of them. All we can do is start with us, our core beliefs and how they impact on others. Look at it like how as a nation we come together in small groups, to celebrate Girls Night In or The National Morning Tea for cancer, small groups coming together to make an impact as a country.
Starting with just one person, that goodness can radiate to your neighbours, your friends, their neighbours, their friends and so it grows. It’s not impossible, it just seems like it at the start. Everything we do that is new or different seems hard until we try.
This world needs good, it needs kindness, it needs love and most of all it needs hope.

The generations coming after us, our children, grandchildren and more deserve a little bit of peace in the world in which they will live and grow. We can’t just give up and hope they can come up with the answers to fix it. The answers need to start here and now.
Reach out, write that additional bucket list and start making your world a better place.

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