Why I decided to do the 365 day challenge.

Sounds ambitious, right?
Looking back at all the blog posts I’ve written this year, I haven’t explained-yet-As to why I wanted to attempt the three hundred and sixty five day challenge. (Basically: post daily, and tweet your posts.) It’s about time I explained why I’m writing this, right?
This is a teeny tiny blog, something that’s fully my corner of the internet. It’s the project that I’ve developed ever since setting it up five years ago. But I would Love to expand this website. It’s too quiet-with double digits as the average viewing figures. I would love to expand it.
If you’re an aspiring journalist like am, you’ll probably have noticed that the industry seems to be shrinking; print is in decline, newspapers have to meet budgets, and there’s more competition than ever before. (Wow, way too many axioms!) I’m still sitting my A levels, and will be training in the field; meanwhile, I wish to add more to my online portfolio. 365 days to post and publish! It may be a lot, but I would like to build it up for a possible future career. And I also wish to write for myself. 
But the thing I like about Blogging?  The community. Although I have made a few mistakes-never tag a blogger on Twitter, for instance!-it has never been malicious or nasty. (Trolling is, by contrast.) For this year I want to build my platform; I would love more guestbloggers. (After all, it gets boring to hear my own writerly voice all the time!) These guest posters are some blogging community members that I admire most-And I am so grateful that they write for me. 
Finally, it’s a form of discipline; I’ll be up late some nights, scheduling posts months in advance. Gotta to keep to a deadline! It has also made me more aware of keep different spaces for posts, following up guest posters, and keeping to the deadline. But you’ll also need a backup plan, just in case. Surely these are all skills that a journalist may need? I may be a student, but I can still write for myself.
What do you think-would you ever attempt the 365 day challenge?

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