Studio Eyeshadow Palette Review. 

I am very shortsighted, which isn’t always the greatest help when applying eye makeup. It’s also why I’ve really admired people such as Anastacia-the tiny singer, who always has immaculate looking eye makeup. But this is also the reason I’ve stayed away from eyeshadow for a long time; we’re more foes than friends in that I’m more likely to stab myself in the eye than look even vaguely decent. Hence why I had to review the Studio: Day To Night Smokey Eye Palette. 

At first, I was a bit hesitant; this just so clearly was not going to work! And with such lovely packaging-it almost feels like the finest card, cut to precision-I was wary to say the least.


Well, looks a bit like a cult product, doesn’t it?

I really like the fact that it’s promoting the actual brand, rather than the product; the face of the female on the lid seems so much more relatable. Similarly, I also like how it points out what look this is for-the smokey eye, ready for transition, day to night. What’s not to love? You can literally pick and choose the occasion to match it to.

Additionally once open, it has a mirror inside; you could take this with you, wherever you may go, in order to do touch-ups. (Does anyone actually do this? I don’t. I take a book with me wherever I go instead. Don’t judge.) But for me as somebody shortsighted, I had to squint a bit. (Oh, the problems, the problems! 😂) I abandoned this for my bedroom mirror.


I’m sorry if this section is a little bit rambling-it’s hard to articulate my thoughts in this context.

Obviously, I was very wary; any eyeshadow for me is never a good eye-dea. (Get it?!) Owing to the vision problem, it often ends up smeared too far over the eyelid, and has somehow gone into my eye. (That stings. Like crazy.) But for this I was pleasantly surprised; the texture is somehow very creamy, and has great staying power. Yet, there is a lot needed, and for the little that’s given in the palette, there’s a bit of a catch twenty two.

I also am ambivalent about the eye pencil that it doubles up as; I prefer liquid eyeliner, simply for the reason that I’m not likely to hurt my eye in application. (I may have stabbed myself a lot by mistake-ugghhh !)

Yet: I did learn my lesson. This isn’t suitable for the classically British rainy day; I came home with it smeared over my eyes,looking as if I had two panda eyes, typically attributed to mascara. This is not the fault of the product, but rather my own. Keep it for a (dry) night out!

What would you do-would you try this?



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