Goals For March. (on turning eighteen, interviews and podcasts…)

March. It’s already blooming March! As with every month this year, I’m writing a monthly goals coverage-more for myself than to have any real ‘writerly’ accomplishment. 

This month it’s my birthday; I’ll be turning eighteen. (Some may say “finally!”) With somebody I know, I witnessed what seemed to be a very minor senior moment, for want of a better phrase. They ‘couldn’t believe’ that they were going to be eighteen, and therefore having to take on more responsibility-and were slightly aghast that they couldn’t afford to just run around anymore. For then, my main goal is not to take ‘eighteen’ as being too serious, and to just have fun with it, within reason. 

We also haven’t had very many interviews this year-although I do have some lined up for later this year. But I would like to conduct an interview this month.

Finally we’re also getting some guest posts! (If you do want to guest post, please contact me via the ‘contact’ tab.) These are all really great writers-and part of the reason in doing a three hundred and sixty five day challenge (woooo!) was to create a multiplicity of voices in this platform. But the bloggers who have guest posted have some serious photo skills. I need to up my photography game.

I would also love to start listening to podcasts again. Oh, and read more blog posts-because, believe it or not, I don’t read a lot of other blogs. I also don’t do comment streams. *Slaps own wrist at what a terrible blogger I am*.

What would you like to achieve this month?



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