A letter to thirteen year old me. 

Dear Thirteen Year Old Me.-

You can be so loud at times! And yet, oddly, you seem to change at the drop of a hate-quiet at home, shy to some strangers. From where I am now, it seems to me like you need to find your feet-you are yourself, and only you can decide that.

This’ll be a tough year. But worthwhile. Although you’ll dislike a lot of it. Probably. 

From where I’m sitting now, I thank my lucky stars, despite it taking longer to “arrive” as myself-ugh, what a cliche! People are hard to read; that’s something you’ll find out more and more, as well as the reason as to why. But persistence is key-keep trying, keep pitching. Who knows? You may just get your writing published!

This was also the year you began to blog; it almost seems funny, the little side project that you have outside of secondary school. Nobody apart from relatives will read it at first-yet you should aspire to more. Dream it, you can write it. It’s the people in this community that make it worthwhile; you would have never thought you’d be actively tweeting about Netflix! Stop puttering round as much, and take yourself a little bit more seriously. Self deprecation works, but only for a while.

Books are always a place that you can go to-they’re experienced outside of time, and will take you to a different world inside your very own head. Cheap mode of travelling! 

Finally: you doubt yourself far too much. And I say this bluntly, because it’s true. Put your mind to anything, and you could probably achieve just about anything. When it comes to exams: don’t go for the fight or flight response. Don’t panic and freak out. You can do well if you apply yourself. If you don’t ask, you won’t get-don’t keep being down about yourself. You’ll meet the most amazing people, and this little blog will take you beyond what you could have ever wanted-keep going.

With best wishes-

Your other self X

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