If I was on desert island discs.

Who still listens to the radio?

Basically, Desert Island Discs is where somebody famous-be it a celebrity, singer, songwriter, actor, actress, writer, etc-chooses their favorite records, listens to them, and tells the story as to why these songs are significant to them. At the end, you also have to choose the one thing to take to a Desert Island with you. Sounds easy, right?

Therefore, I thought I’d try writing my own version..

Queen-You’re My Best Friend.

One of my earliest memories is driving along, with this song playing at full blast-just as I am wont to do, many years later! (I was possibly four, maybe five, at the time.) Queen have been a huge part of my musical landscape-such as with the first record I bought at a shop being A Night At The Opera. (Although I must confess to not remembering my motivation as to why, due to having not known the songs on it at the time!) The whole franchise and the mythology of the band still fascinates me-for which I a, grateful, because the official tribute band gave me my most popular blog post!

Carly Simon-Touched By The Sun.

Part of my Aspergers is that I can obsessively research any given topic for months at a time. Carly Simon was mentioned in the book Reading Jackie, in that Mrs. Onassis had tried to commission her biography. There was also mention of Touched By The Sun, played briefly during a Kennedy Library Talk-all available on YouTube. It’s beautiful. And I have no other way to describe it. The lyrics I identify heavily with-in wishing to do something great-and it’s also based on a poem by Steven Spender.

Anastacia-I Do.

Can I be totally honest? We live in a beautiful yet very messed up world. This is from her self titled album, and it simply spoke volumes to me: the heavy rock beat, the lyrics decrying whatever witnessed obscenities, and the collaboration. (It’s a duet!)


Genesis have only recently become a part of my musical landscape. Mamma is an odd choice for me, in that respect; coupled with the quite terrifying laughter on the record, I can’t say I identify with the lyrics.

Adele-Rolling In The Deep.

Because we all need a song like this at some point!


I identify myself as a feminist-simply to me, although it’s a little bit idealistic, we should all be equal. But we’re  a long way off from that. The news pretty much shows that every night when broadcast. This song took inspiration from a documentary Pray The Devil Back To Hell-essentially when women banded together to achieve something great. (Now, why would I want to give away any spoilers?!)

For my one luxury item, I’d take a postbox, simply because I love to receive letters, and it would mean that I could write to people-I couldn’t be lonely then!

what would you do if you were on Desert Island Discs? Let me know in the comments below-



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