In defence of social media. 

Looking back over a few of my posts, I’ve begun to think and feel that my writing has become a little bit constrained-almost stilted, to the point that it’s a little bit bland. There’s no real opinion-just a middle ground-or any real engagement. Therefore, for the purpose of this post, I wanted to debate the merits of social media-and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, ironically enough. (It’ll also probably be a bit of an odd opinion piece; after all, I’m a blogger writing this!)

In recent times, Social Media seems to have reached its pinnacle: there’s new filters on Snapchat, we hear about a young girl tweeting from Aleppo, and the crisis ostensibly surrounding ‘Fake news’. Really, it seems to have seeped into just about every function that we have. 

I find that social media can be heavily criticised, particularly if anyone is perceived as always interacting with it. There’s ostensibly too many cat photos, memes, etc-that apparently make the whole form a waste of time. It seemingly doesn’t achieve greatly, in terms of interactions. It’s just a communication function, right?


In referencing The Big Life by Ann Shoket, out in March, social media and other forms of technology has helped transform services and careers dramatically. Instead of randomly tweeting cute dog photos, to nobody in particular, these people in pursuit of The Big Life have built a career on the back of social media-such as with beauty vloggers, Journalists, bloggers, etc. Surely that’s incredible? These entrepreneurs are of a new generation, and have utilised a new asset to transform the careers sector.

It’s also a new way of digesting media; in covering a crisis, you’ll probably find more out about it on Twitter, Snapchat, whatever. (Although this does bring in the issue of fake news, this mode is authentic in its pace, reception, and transmission.) It’ll be a while prior to major new websites and newspapers breaking the story. And maybe this new journalism could be a good thing-in raising awareness, and keeping world leaders to account. (Just keep in mind about fake news-excerise caution in reading.)

To me, social media is a huge asset-and I write this as a blogger, a teenager, a student, and a high functioning autistic. As long as it’s utilised in the right way, we may just get somewhere.

What do you think about social media? Leave your thoughts in the comments-



16 thoughts on “In defence of social media. 

  1. countrykatieuk says:

    Lydia, once again you write a stonker of a post! I love it! I think your right social media used in the way it was intended can create endless opportunities, but used in the wrong way can cause worlds of pain. That said I personally think social media is incredible the fact that in a spare 5 minutes I can hear what women in Aleppo think or follow my favourite historians to see what they’re currently working on, astounds me! On the point about obsession I think like any other addiction it needs management and to be used in moderation.
    Thank you for writing something so engaging, brightened up my commute this morning! Xx

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    • mademoisellewomen says:

      And it always makes my morning to hear that your commute was better! (I must say, “blogging drama” really does bore me to tears-it’s painful to watch. But I think it’s quite unifying; look at the women’s March. I still regret not attending!)


  2. Ela Kaimo says:

    Social media has changed the way we view everything – relationships, careers, politics, religion… It’s such a shame that fake news is easily disseminated, so one must use critical thinking in reading pieces they find on the Internet. That said, I think it’s a great avenue for social justice initiatives – just look at how many oppressed voices are heard using Twitter.

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  3. Lindsay Murrell says:

    I agree with you, social media is a massive asset! I love blogging and social media is a massive part of that! Without it you wouldn’t be able to get your stuff out there or interact with other bloggers! For the fake news part I never believe what I’m reading unless it’s from an actual news site so that hasn’t impacted me!

    Great post lovely!

    L xo

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