Garnier Skin Active Product Review. 


It’s the end of the day. You’re tired. You need to sleep. But you have make up to remove, lest the fear and subsequent emergence of Acne stop you. You need a product that’ll do the job for you. What to do?

Why, go for Garnier Skin Active Micellar product!

I’m no expert about beauty product, but this is essentially water, squirted on to a cotton pad, which you then use in swiping motions, aiming to remove any cosmetics. It’s a little bit like a make up remover cream, except it’s not as harsh, due to the formula. Sounds a dream, right?

First of all: be careful when removing eye make up. Because of the fact that I can’t see much, I was stood too close to the mirror, and opened my eye with this over my eye lid. It stings. Like crazy. Don’t do it. Whatever you do.

If your make up is aalso highly pigmented, it won’t necessarily remove all of it; in fact, if its light, it’s probably better to use this. However, it does have a very colourful effect on your skin, and smells very nice. I also really like the branding, and that you can decide on different smells, etc.

What do you think-would you use this?



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