Jackie Film Review. 

It was only going to be a matter of time before another Kennedy biopic was filmed; did anyone see the Katie Holmes version? Simply titled ‘Jackie’, this film centres round the aftermath of Jack Kennedy’s assassination, and how the Camelot mythology came in to being, thanks in part due to a magazine article.

On seeing this, I was struck by the great pains the director had taken to get the historical accuracy right; to me, it was often uncanny, how the Kennedy years were recreated. Natalie Portman has the breathy, affected, New Yorker voice; there’s even detail on detail with regard to costumes, recreating the White House, and an uncanny JFK lookalike. (Hats off to whoever was in charge of the casting!) I also loved that they included so much quotable content-such as with “they’ll be great presidents, but they’ll never be another Camelot.” Spine chilling! I just have a few qualms:

  • The sequence of events could be a little bit clearer at times. The same day as JFK’s funeral, it was his sons birthday; a birthday party was thrown the same day. Yet, it’s shown as being held the day after.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy always said she could not recall what she was doing on the back of the final motorcade; the film states that it was to get a piece of her husband’s skull. This contradicts the Warren report and her testimony; I’d like to know if this was true or not.
  • Would JFK have really danced vigorously at a White House party, considering how sick he was?
  • Did Jacqueline Kennedy really argue with Bobby Kennedy over the procession of the funeral-down to security concerns? From what I understand, he was all for it-there wasn’t a need for the film to show a very heated spat between the two of them.

Other than that, this is a great film-and I really enjoyed it. There could be a sequel-such as with Aristotle Onassis, Jackie’s career as an editor, etc. What do you think-would you watch this?



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