My Top Five Favorite Films.

Oh, Sunday…I do love you..the resting day, which seems almost a day for the inconsequential. My favorite activity would probably be having a film marathon. So, for a Sunday post, I thought I could recommend my top five films…

1. Highlander.

Gotta love an eighties classic, right? Essentially, Connor Macloud cannot die, and is travelling down the centuries. He has to win the prize, by killing the other Highlanders, and against the rather scary Kurgan. It has Sean Conmerery and Chris Lambert in it. Oh, and it also has music by Queen. What’s not to love?

The original is a little bit dated now, so I would recommend the restored version for better picture, etc. However as a fantasy film, I really enjoyed this, and was gripped from the very beginning. It’s a kind of magic…

2. Bridge Of Spies.

This is one for you, history lovers. Gary Powers is a US pilot, who is charged with spying on the Soviet Union, at the very height of the Cold War. He’s shot down, captured, and imprisoned on Soviet terrain. But a soviet spy is also caught on US soil. What happens next? 

Personally I think that any film that Tom Hanks is in is great-just take a look at Forrest Gump. And he plays the main character to perfection. But this’ll keep you on the very edge of your seat, because you’ll never know what will happen next, complete with several twists. 

3. Funny Face.

Oh, Audrey Hepburn. This is a slightly frothy film, and one from the fifties-so, really, I’m not sure as to what the genre is. Hepburn classic maybe? A book shop waif is acvosted by models from a fashion magazine, aiming to get her to take part in a fashion shoot. Because bad ostensibly happens when you mix style and substance… Just add Fred Astaire to the mix and magic happens.

Despite several musical numbers, I love the fact that Hepburn’s character (largely) stays true to her intellect, and is just a little bit fierce to boot. She also proves that you can have both style and substance. How affirming! 

4. Sylvia.

As the title suggests, this is a biographical film-with just some minor details fictionalised-about Sylvia Plath, the famous poet. It is not really a thriller like Bridge Of Spies, despite having biography in the genre mix. But the director has chosen some really cool actors-Gweyth Paltrow and Daniel Craig-who look really alike to the original people. There’s also great accuracy in terms of historical accuracy to the period. And they quote Plath’s poetry!

Just as a general warning: this is not a very happy film, or one that’ll entertain. It’s quite heavy and highbrow. But if you like Plath, this is a fitting tribute.

5. Lucy.

Again, I’m not really sure what genre this is..its sort of science fiction and a thriller. Scarlett Johansen and Morgan Freeman star in this film. Lucy is made to carry a package in her stomach, as part of an international drug smugglers gang. Obviously, it’s not consensual. But this drug leaks into her blood stream, optimising all parts of her brain. 

This film can be a little bit predictable, but it’s entertaining.

What are your top five favourite films?



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