Freak Of Nature Album Review. 


You know that feeling when listening to music, that on hearing a specific song, you’re immediately transported somewhere? -could be a place, time, specific memory or event, a feeling. So, to add to my blogger routine, I’m going to be posts, reviewing CD’s from a few years ago. And along the way, I may share a few bits of what I remember..

Freak Of Nature was not a record I was aware of at time; I would have been far too little, and at the non-verbal stages, to even recall it. But this is a record that I found eventually at secondary school; a shy girl, who wished for the brassy confidence of the artist herself.

The opening track I still adore to this day; the self titled Freak Of Nature. It apparently refers to a nickname that Anastacia had herself, once long ago. And who wouldn’t, with a voice likes hers?! I like how this redefines the word ‘freak’; lyrically, it become something empowering, positive, to be proud of. After all, her fans refer to themselves as her Fanily or her Freaks.

Next up is Paid My Dues…gotta love an upbeat, positive anthem, right? This was one for me when the going gets tough; it even references Anastacia having gotten punched in the face in L.A. (Because violence is still ostensibly attractive. As you can see, it disgusts me.) It even has a little bit of a reggae vib; this isn’t exactly pop, rock, or mowtown. It’s unique.

Thirdly; Overdue Goodbye. I think this suffers a little bit from its melody, but an acapella version could be good. I love how Anastacia makes good use of her voice.

To me, this album is the embodiment of confidence, and to just be yourself, even if that version is a little bit crazy.

What do you think?




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