OPI Travel Case Review. 

Wouldn’t you agree that my relative has great taste in giving me this dinky nail set?

So, generally speaking, I like to keep my hands well manicured; otherwise, they just look stubby, horrible, and too large. That’s achieved, obviously, through nail varnish such as the above-in hues such as red, my favorite. 


Well…I think that the box it came in was overly stereotyped. Just way too much pink! But then again, that’s just me being pedantic, and probably far too politically correct.

But as it says in the title, these are part of a travel case-so dinky! They may be tiny, and a little bit difficult to open, yet I love the fact that they have O.P.I stamped on themselves-branding is everything! There’s also the signature nail lacquer typeface-because we need to know what we’re getting, right?! I just wish that as a way of almost cross-merchandising, they had the name of the shade somewhere n the bottle. I’m also not sure if they’re sold in bigger bottles-but would love it if they were.


Now, just to be clear, I haven’t tried all of these; the shade on the far right seems too watery and lacking in the strong colour for me, personally. 

But I do love the deepest red, and the orange-the other is pink, second in from the right, and doesn’t really suit me.  I also think it’s worth noting that you may need two coats at times-the coverage isn’t as strong as it can be. These varnish can’t always be applied in a rush; if you’re clumsy like me, they’ll smug. But they do have a great drying time-such a bonus.


It is probably best to apply these the night before any event, to prevent it smudging, but it’s so quick in drying, it is so worth it. It also looks really good, so I’ll be using these again, definitely.

Have you ever tried O.P.I-if yes, what do you think?



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